Gratitude month is this week, this client is as thankful for her cut as we are for the beauty community.

We're Grateful for Our Beauty Community
Wishing You a Happy Gratitude Month

With Thanksgiving coming up, gratitude is on the brain. But did you know that there’s more reason to focus on gratitude than just a one-day holiday this month? 

November is actually dubbed Gratitude Month–that’s right, an entire month dedicated to being thankful for the people we love and appreciate. 

At EBS, we love gratitude month–almost as much as we love you guys. Because it’s gratitude month, we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you as bluntly as we can just how appreciative we are for beauty pros like you. 

It’s no exaggeration to say we wouldn’t be here without you! You guys give us motivation and purpose, you give us reason to provide premium protection, and you inspire us each and every day.

Happy National Gratitude Month to Our Beauty Community 

We’re so lucky to have the opportunity to support the beauty industry through education, partnering with companies, and providing liability insurance you can rely on. We’re here to support you–and premium liability insurance is one of the best ways to do just that. 

What is Gratitude Month?

Gratitude is a hot topic in November. Which makes sense, right? The premise of Thanksgiving is to be grateful–and Thanksgiving falls in November. But it’s about more than Thanksgiving–it’s about gratitude month. 

But what is gratitude month, exactly? And further, what does it mean? 

Gratitude month was started by Stacey Grewal, a woman who believes that gratitude is an essential part of a happy and fulfilling life. This month is meant to encourage people to embrace gratitude, shift their perspectives, and learn how to make positives out of negatives.  

How to Celebrate Gratitude Month in Your Salon 

Looking for some ideas to showcase your gratitude to the people you work with every day? We’ve got you. Here are a few ideas to get the gratitude going. 

Show Your Staff You Love Them–Ask How They Are 

The best way to show your staff you care? Treat them right. Make sure they’re taking breaks. Check-in on them. How’s their mental health? Are they getting enough rest? Sometimes just asking your clients or staff how they’re doing is enough to show someone you’re grateful for them. 

Make Small Gestures 

If there’s a stylist in your life that loves a certain type of pizza, snag them a slice. If their favorite drinks are on sale at the store this week,  grab them a six-pack. Clean up their station while they take a bathroom break. Book their client’s next appointment with them. Small gestures can make all the difference–and they can show them how grateful you are. 

Throw a Celebration 

Nothing says “I’m grateful for you” like a party. It doesn’t have to be a huge event but a small celebration in honor of the people you’re grateful for. Does your go-to stylist have a birthday coming up? Make the effort to throw them a little get-together. 

Does your staff need a little mid-holiday pump-up so they can finish out the season in style? It’s time to throw a staff party ASAP. Show them you care by giving them evidence of your appreciation. 

Say it Straight 

If you want someone to know something, just say it. Take a moment and tell the people you work with and care for that you’re grateful for them. 

But don’t stop there–tell them why they matter to you. Be specific with your words. Don’t pay them lip service. The more context you can offer them, the better. 

The more details you can offer them, the better. The more specifics you can give them, the better. Be honest, be direct, and be transparent–tell them what they mean to you. 

What We’re Grateful For  

We’ve got three letters to answer that question: Y-O-U. Again, we know we couldn’t do this without you. We’re so honored and privileged to be able to support you, your career, and the great things you do every day and continue to do. 

You guys amaze us, and we feel so fortunate to be along for the ride. 

How can we continue to show you we’re grateful for you?

Drop us a comment in the reply section below and let us know how to make you feel appreciated and loved! For more insight, advice, and tips, be sure to subscribe to Elite Beauty Society for updates when we drop hot gossip, resources, advice, and discounts.