Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile

The Must-Have Guide for Attracting More Clients  

Believe it or not, friends, we’ve got one more digital platform that you should be paying attention to.

We know, we know—there’s already so much social media and digital marketing stuff to be on top of.

From Pinterest to Instagram, there’s no shortage of digital work you should be doing for your cosmetology career. 

But we promise, this one is super easy and the learning curve is nothing to worry about.

Today, we’re talking about Google My Business, an incredibly helpful way to optimize your online presence, boost your digital rep, and even get more people and potential customers into your chair.

Want to learn more?

We thought so. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on Google My Business.

What is Google My Business, Anyway?

Not sure what Google My Business is in the first place?

Don’t worry about it. We’re starting with the basics.

In fact, we’re going to take the definition of Google My Business straight from Google itself.

Google My Business is a free, easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Goggle, including Search and Maps.

This tool is designed to help customers find your business, outline your story, and verify your business and its information to help guide them to you in a simple, straightforward way.

To put it simply, Google My Business is essentially your business’ profile that you fill out and optimize to ensure that customers can find you, get information about you, and learn about your business in a simple, straightforward way when they search for you on the internet.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile is a Must: Here's Why

Hyping yourself up to learn and perfect yet another social media or digital platform might seem like the last thing you want right now, but we promise, we wouldn’t be emphasizing the importance of Google My Business if it wasn’t, well, super important.

Hear us out.

You do need to optimize your Google My Business platform because often, it’s the first thing someone sees when they stumble upon your online presence.

This little snippet is basically an all-out summary of your biz—and if it’s not optimized (or even a little helpful), lots of would-be customers are going to scroll right past you.

Not buying it?

Don’t worry—we’re about to go into some of that social proof detail most of us need in order to get fully on board with an idea (which, BTW, is not a bad trait).

Here are just a few reasons why (and how!) optimizing your Google My Business profile can bring in the new clients you’re craving.

Location is Everything 

First and foremost, people need to know where you are—AKA, where you’re located. Otherwise, how are they going to book with you? If you don’t have an optimized Google My Business page, you’re just making this more difficult for potential clients. Most people use Google Maps to locate their destinations, and if you’re not listed, that can make things much more difficult for your audience.

SEO Stuff

Remember how much we love talking about SEO? Well, Google My Business totally comes into play here.

Google My Business feeds into the algorithm for local SEO results and your overall ranking on search engine results pages.

TBH, this is an SEO best practice, and optimizing your profile will directly feed into your rank.

Need a little more SEO info?

Check out our 101 Guide right here for an introductory guide.

Valuable Summary 

Think of your Google My Business Profile as a snippet of all the valuable info on your website in one, convenient space.

Look, people don’t always have the longest attention spans.

Even if you have the most amazing, optimized, streamlined website of all time, sometimes people just want the basic info—and your profile can provide that.

It’s likely this info can replace your website.


One word—reviews. Your Google My Business profile will have all your stellar reviews listed here— AKA, this is the easiest way for potential customers to compare you side-by-side with other cosmetologists. Which, with your killer reputation, is just another secret weapon.

Google Ad Ease

Do you use Google Ads? (If you don’t you should consider it!). This links directly to these ad efforts, making your marketing process easier than ever.

Being a badass cosmetologist isn’t just about your in-salon skills—you need to know how to market yourself, navigate a digital world, and bring in clients as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Sound tricky? Sometimes it can be—but that’s precisely why we’re here to help.

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