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Going Green in the Beauty Industry 

What You Need to Know (And How You Can Get Started)

It seems like you can’t turn the corner these days without seeing an ad for a new, natural, organic, sustainable product—and we don’t just mean in the beauty industry. Every day, new and exciting products, ideas, and services are absolutely flooding the market all with one goal in mind—protecting the environment.

We’re obviously not complaining.

The sustainability movement and organic, environmentally friendly beauty is no longer a small subsection of our industry—in fact, beauty salons, brands, and manufacturers are more eco-conscious than ever before. Salons everywhere are starting to lead the charge and do their part to take the steps necessary to help create a more environmentally friendly world.

There are thousands of companies out there implementing eco-friendly policies for the way they produce, package, and supply their products to stylists like us, and honestly, we’re so on board.

Becoming sustainable and environmentally friendly as a salon isn’t just a marketing ploy, you guys (although, we’re not going to tell you that you won’t attract clients simply for this reason)—it’s an obligation and a responsibility to our planet.

Making quick, easy changes—let’s call them baby steps if you will—to your salon’s day-to-day can make an enormous difference! If you’re ready to go green and make your salon more environmentally friendly (even by just a smidge), you’re in the right place—you know the routine, keep on reading.

Four Quick Ways You Can Go Green In Your Salon

Recycle Your Packaging

You likely already do this at home, right? Right before you head to the grocery store, you probably reach into your drawers and grab the most important item of all—your reusable grocery bags.

You guys—incorporating this into your salon is so important. There are more companies than ever who are on cutting edge of reusing materials for their packaging—it’s time to start thinking about the packaging that your beloved products come in! If you can buy from a company that uses recycled packaging, that’s great.

Play your part, too, by recycling the plastic bottles and other recyclable materials that you use in your salon. Be as creative as you want, just do your part to keep plastics and containers out of our landfills!

Do Away With Paperwork

No, we’re not saying that you should stop gathering data from your clients—that’s a hugely important part of marketing and keeping in touch. But, just because you need to gather information from them doesn’t mean you have to kill a bunch of trees to do it!

Stop using ream after ream of paper to gather your client’s info.

Offering mobile checkout is a great way to do away with paperwork and receipts to go green in the salon.

Instead, have them sound off their information while you type it into the computer, or, if your clients prefer a little privacy and don’t feel like saying their private information out loud (we don’t blame them), try out simple solutions like whiteboards. 

Your clients can answer the questions you need without wasting trees. Plus, offering options for mobile payment taht allow for emailing receipts (instead of printing them out!) can be a great way to save paper in the salon! 

Try Out Organic and Sustainable Products

You know that whole organic, sustainable beauty movement that’s become such a huge thing? Lean into it. Even if you’re just trying it for a moment, totally lean into it! 

Give organic products a try. Get rid of those harsh chemicals and toxins in your everyday products.

Try out companies that are utilizing renewable energy to help create these products. Why? Because it’s not just some fleeting fad, and honestly, some of these products are absolutely top of the line. It might be a hard transition but give it a go! Without products with toxins and chemicals, you’re carving out a safer path for the environment!

Be Conscientious About Water Use

Listen, we know you have to use water (we’re stylists too, we know a water-free work environment simply just can’t happen). 

But, if you can, be super conscientious about how much water you’re actually using. Try to limit your laundry loads, switch to cold water in your washing machine, consider switching to solar. There are tons of little things you can do to make an enormous difference in your water usage.

Try Swapping Out Your Salon Cleaning Products

It's a simple fix, but a worthwhile one! Look for sustainable, earth-friendly cleaning products to really kick your "go-green" salon up a notch.

Opt for sustainable cleaning products in your salon for a go-green approach.

There are tons of tiny, little changes you can implement in your salon that will make a huge difference in the green movement—turn off and unplug your equipment when you’re not using it, switch to energy-efficient bulbs, knock it off with the AC, install tinted windows that block UV rays, and heck, add some real greenery to your salon, too!

We hope you found this green article helpful—remember, you don’t have to up and change everything you’ve ever done overnight, but it is our responsibility to take care of our planet, and through small (but consistent!) changes, you can start to make a true impact.

Have more green ideas to help convert salons to be more environmentally friendly? Share them with us! 

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