A hard-working stylist blow dries a client's hair, exhibiting that it takes more than luck to run a successful cosmetology business.

Go Beyond Luck with These Cosmetology Business Tips
Hard Work, Determination, & a Little Guidance for Cosmetology Success 

How many times have you had a client, an employee, or a fellow cosmetologist look at the business you’ve built and say, “wow–you’re so lucky.”

Probably fairly often, right? And if you’re anything like we think you are (and we’re willing to bet you are if you’re reading this blog), you likely want to look at them and just say, “Thanks, but it’s not luck it’s ­­­­______.”

Whether you fill that blank with words like “hard work,” “skill,” “determination,” “resiliency,” it all comes down to one reality–luck has got very little to do with it.

Don’t get us wrong, we all get lucky sometimes in the biz, so we can’t discount luck altogether.

But a successful cosmetology business–as you know–is never built entirely on a lucky break.

So, to celebrate a holiday based on luck while paying homage to all your hard work, creativity, and exceptional skill, we’re dropping a little business tip blog for you to help you take your business further than ever before (no luck required).

Read up, learn more, and add some more business knowledge to your repertoire–that’s like, our favorite thing to offer at Elite Beauty Society (and something we’re happy to dish out nonstop).

It’s Your Lucky Day: A Few Cosmetology Business Tips to Take Your Career Further

Take these few business tips and run with them! Don’t worry; there’s no particular theme or order to these, so feel free to pick and choose what you deem the most important piece of advice.

All in all, we just wanted you to know that luck has got almost nothing to do with your success–all of that success you’re experiencing is your own doing.

Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing are Crucial

Trust us when we say that these two forms of marketing are going to be your biggest bang-for-your-buck strategies.

While it’s important to invest in all kinds of marketing, we highly recommend getting a solid grip on these two forms for the highest ROI and most affordable price tag.

Don’t fret if you’re new to these concepts. We’ve got all kinds of advice on social media marketing and email marketing, too!

Hire Wisely–Train Well 

Yes, you want to make sure you’re making smart hires when you start building your business–but if you don’t invest in training your team at every turn, you’re squandering their talent. Make sure training isn’t just a one-and-done onboarding thing.

You’ll want to offer plenty of opportunities for them to grow, learn, and flower as part of your team–and as the boss, it’s your job to provide that.

Aside from their own personal and professional growth (which a good boss should care about), it also sets your own business up for success if your team is reliable, up-to-date, and highly skilled.

A cosmetologist helps a client with styling as she sits in the chair at her cosmetology salon.

Don’t Risk All Your Hard Work–Get Liability Insurance.

You’re always working to take your business further–but one slip-up could topple the whole thing!

We hate to be depressing, but it’s the truth. Without liability insurance, you’re risking your finances, your reputation, and your business.

Yeah, we’re an insurance company, so you probably thought we’d say something like that, but it’s the truth! We’re so passionate about this; we’re not even going to push you toward purchasing our insurance (though, TBH, it’s a great choice)–we just want you to get good coverage, period.

You owe it to your career and your future! 

To Be Considered the Expert, You Have to Be the Expert First

If you read this and said, “well, duh,” then good–you already know you can’t fake it till you make it.

By this, we just mean, if you want to be the best in the biz, you’ve got to go through the effort to get there. Just like luck can’t be the driving factor behind your success, wanting to be the best won’t get you there–only hard work and determination will.

Continuing Education is Your Ticket to Success

What goes hand-in-hand with being the expert?

Never stopping your education journey.

The key to ongoing success in this industry is never to stop learning. So, make sure that no matter what you’re pursuing–new services, better business practices, branching out, etc.–you’re continuing your education journey every day.

Don’t Let Growth Intimidate You

Extending your services, adding more employees, changing directions, running with a new idea–these are all good things, even if they feel overwhelming.

Embrace that little bit of uncomfy and let growth happen like it’s supposed to!

Luck has nothing to do with that–we know that as well as you do!

Take these tips and put them into practice to make a substantial impact on your business. Got tips of your own?

 Share them with the EBS community right here, right now, by dropping a comment in the reply section below. We’re willing to bet every reader here is ready for some career-enhancing advice!

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