The Top 5 Organizing Tips Your Salon

Needs for Next-Level Success 

Running a salon is no joke. Not only do you have to keep your clients happy and satisfied, but you’ve got to pay the bills, create the marketing strategy, handle your employees, tackle bookkeeping, do the laundry—the list goes on and on (and on).

We get it, there’s a lot happening in your world.

 So it only makes sense that the last thing you probably want to think about is keeping the salon organized.

But you know what, this part of the job is actually one of the most important pieces of the entire puzzle.


Because if you’re running a disorganized salon, shop, or spa, you can absolutely expect to deal with issues—whether that’s injuries, lost tools, or just a bad workspace, something will rear its ugly head.

The good news?

We’re not just here to drop a heavy truth on you and bail—we’re actually here to help.

Coming up with a good organizational system for your unique salon is going to take time, trial, and error, and to be totally honest, no two strategies are going to look the same.

Still, here are a few helpful tips to take your organizational skills to the next level—and your salon, too.

Salon Organization Tips You Need to Know 

Remember, these tips are just the start to creating your very own organizational system.

All in all, these five tips are designed to get your creative juices flowing to ensure you come up with a strategy that works best for you, your crew, and your salon.

There’s no wrong way to be organized (you know, so long as your system is actually organized).

Create a Killer Product Inventory System

Backbar products, tools, equipment, towels, and more—they all clog up your space.

And if you’re dealing with a salon that’s not swimming in square footage, that space is incredibly valuable.

More than that, though, if you’re not aptly organizing your inventory and back bar products, you’re going to end up losing track of your products and ultimately losing money.

Further, you’ll never be able to tell what you’ve got in stock, what you need more of, and what you never want to order again.

Creating a clutch, go-to inventory system is basically the first thing any and every salon manager or employee should do to kickstart their organizational protocol.  

Labels & Color Codes Are Your Best Friends

This tip is especially crucial if you’re working in a shared space.

It’s not that you can’t share your tools and equipment with other stylists, it’s that you need to keep track of your stuff to know where it is, when it was the last time you used it, when you last sanitized it, and beyond.

Having stuff freely floating around isn’t exactly a stylist’s best practices, and don’t get us started on how non-professional it looks to have zero of your own tools at your station.

Do yourself a favor—invest in a system that color-codes or labels everyone’s stuff so each stylist can know where their own equipment is.  

Never Underestimate Shelves & Storage Systems

When all else fails, opt for the storage systems you deserve.

Shelves are a great way to increase your upward space and can be great for your salon aesthetic, but remember, it’s not all about how something looks—your storage needs to be functional, too.

If this means investing in labeled, organized bins and shelving systems in the (non-visible) back of the salon, go for it—just make sure you keep things organized!

Clean on a Schedule (Don’t Slack)  

Though they’re not synonymous, organization and cleaning go hand-in-hand.

You can’t have a clean salon without an organized salon, and vice versa, too.

Make sure you’re cleaning on a schedule (and sticking to it) so that all your organizational efforts don’t fall flat.

Organize ALL Cords

OK, this one sounds silly at first, but trust us—nothing is more dangerous, more annoying, and more cluttery (cluttery is a word!) than a frazzled bunch of cord ends tripping you up at every turn.

Cords can be a hazard to your clients, get in the way of your workflow, and honestly, they can take up so much more space than you think!

Plus, they just look so messy.  

Don’t let something so simple destroy your organizational system!

Use cord organizers everywhere possible to tame that nasty mess (and to keep your cords out of your face—and your client’s, too).

Obviously, these organizational tips and tricks are just the tip of the iceberg—if you’ve got your own organizational system in mind, go for it!

All that matters is that you’re taking charge, organizing your space, and ensuring that everything is running smoothly—how you make that happen is totally up to you.

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