The Top 5 Tips for Holiday Season Self-Care 

The Cosmetologist Edition 

Look, we may not be in the exact same biz as you, and we totally get that.

But it’s our literal job to understand your line of work to the best of our ability (so we can provide you with the best insurance, of course)—so it should come as no surprise to you that we 100% understand that the holiday season is absolutely wild in the cosmetology industry.

On top of the huge influx of customers, you’ve gotta take care of holiday marketing, gift cards and products for holiday gifts, end-of-the-year wrap-ups, next year’s planning, holiday parties, and so much more—and that’s just in your professional life. Let’s not forget how wild your personal life gets around the holiday season, too,

All that to say, we absolutely get that you’re totally slammed right about now, so we don’t say this lightly—take care of yourself this holiday season.

If you read that last sentence and rolled your eyes at us, we don’t blame you, but we promise you, there are actual ways to make this happen (even if you don’t believe us just yet).

What we’re offering in this article are a few, tiny little steps you can take in your daily life (yep, we said daily, these should be done as often as possible) to make your holiday season a little less stressful and a whole lot healthier for you.

Curious? We thought you might be.

Keep reading to learn a few tricks of the trade that can aid you in doing right by yourself this holiday season.

The 5 Self-Care Tips Every Cosmetologist Should Know This Holiday Season 

Prioritize a Morning Routine

That little bit of time you have in the morning before work and life demand everything from you?

Take control of it. Create a morning routine that’s totally focused on you, whatever that might mean.

Focus on your skincare routine, sit down for a cup of tea and read the paper, jot down something in your journal, stretch, walk—whatever you want to do that works for you, do it.

And make it a routine that you adhere to so you can look forward to a calm, structured part of your day that’s totally within your control.

Meditation is a Must

Meditation doesn’t have to be this hour-long process where you totally zone out from the world and emerge a new person.

Meditation can be as quick as 3-5 minutes every single day, and it can look different for everyone.

Maybe it’s a little quiet time just for you, maybe it’s journaling things you’re grateful for, maybe it’s following along with your meditation app-led exercises—what we’re really saying is take just a few minutes every day to be quiet, calm, and at ease.

Just Say No

We’re all familiar with this phrase in a different context, but TBH, it’s such good advice around the holiday season.

We’re all usually stretched in like 40 different directions when the holiday season comes around, and while there’s plenty you want to do and have to do, did you know that there’s actually plenty of things you can legitimately say no to?

We’re serious.

No is a complete sentence, people.

And you have every right to throw a “no” in the mix every now and again—especially during your busiest season ever.

Don’t want to be in charge of the costumes for the Christmas pageant? Say no, fam.

Not interested in hosting the family cookie day this year? Give ‘em a big ol’ nope.

Don’t want to open your books to a ton of new clients this year? Ladies and gentlemen, you know the drill. Just say no!

You’ll be astounded what it can do for your mental health—which is like, the absolute pinnacle of self-care.

Get Moving As Often as You Can

We are not saying that now is the ideal time to start some insane, new workout routine (unless you want to, you do you)—what we are saying is that even a tiny bit of movement every day can make an enormous difference in your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Listen, we know it’s not like you’re being sedentary all day—being a cosmetologist means being on your feet and busy AF for hours on end, sometimes with no breaks in sight.

But moving your body, even if it’s just a nice, mile walk, stretching adequately, and loosening up your sore joints and muscles can help you in the long run this season.  

Feed Your Body & Your Soul

In other words, feed yourself good, nutritious food that you love and feed your soul with the activities you love, too. It’s not always as simple as saying “take care of yourself,” but sometimes it really is.

Take some time to check in with yourself every single day—are you feeding yourself right? Are you moving your body?

Are you doing things you love?

If you find that you’re totally drained every day of the week, aren’t feeling your best, and haven’t done something you love in what feels like forever, it’s time to think about what you’re prioritizing and see what you can rearrange.

Our best advice? Give these a try.

Got a few little tricks of your own? 

We’d love to hear all about them! If you’ve got a must-know tip for self-care during the holiday season (or any other supremely busy season, for that matter), drop a comment below and let us (and your fellow cosmetology brethren) know ASAP!

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