Two music festival loving clients rock their festival inspired makeup looks from their MUAs.

The Festival Season Makeup Inspo Your Clients Can Wear (Almost) Anywhere

You know what we love most about festival season? 

Nope, it’s not the music, not the outfits, and not the wild times had at every event–it’s the makeup (duh!). 

And if you’re an MUA out there who adores the festival look (and more importantly has clients who love the festival look) and wants to incorporate elements of it into everyday style, then friend, we’ve got goods news for you–that’s what this blog is all about! 

It’s no secret that festival makeup trends are fun, bright, and oh-so funky. Which, let’s be honest, can make it sort of difficult to incorporate these fab makeup trends into an everyday go-to looks. That’s why we’re giving you some toned-down, subtler styles that echo the epic looks festival bring to the table that all your clients (even the shy ones) will wanna rock day in and day out.

Moral of this story? Festival looks can be an everyday style–whether your clients are bold enough to rock it all the way done-up or want something a lil more low-key.

Top (Toned-Down) Festival-Inspired Looks Your Clients Can Wear Every Day 

Shimmer Grunge Eyeshadow 

Stylists and MUAs, don’t sleep on glitter grunge and shimmer grunge shadow. You know what we mean, right? A dark (black, brown, blue, grey, etc.) and potent shimmer shadow applied all around the eye–under eyes included. Think chic and sparkly meets edgy and punk–AKA, the perfect festival look.

The best part? You can scale this look to meet your clients’ festival level desires. A little less shimmer means a subtle nod to festival style, but a full-blown shimmer is always welcome, too. 

Prism Shadow 

The best festival eye shadow look? We’re biased, but we love a little prism. Think of all those dreamy little colors that make up your fave prism looks–greens, pinks, oranges.

A client shows off his prism eyeshadow, a festival season makeup look.

Now imagine those all over your client’s lids. Yep, that’s a look we know you wanna see. The best part about this? It’s easy to make low-key for a quick trip to the grocery store and even easier to kick it into high gear for a hyped-up look.

Barbiecore Makeup 

Barbie girls and boys, rejoice–Barbiecore makeup, (AKA  all the pinks and blushes) is in. We’re talkin’ fresh, feminine, and very pink–think face gems, liners, lipsticks, blushes, shadows, shimmers. If it’s bubblegum pink and Barbie-esque, it’s time to add it to the festival lineup. And that means it’s time to add it to your clients’ everyday look, too. Wanna do it up big? Make everything pink and fresh. For something a little more subtle, just opt for a few pops of pink! 

Rhinestone Nose Bridge 

We love a rhinestone look at all times. Want to know what’s really hot in the festival world? A smattering of sweet AF rhinestones. Whether patterns or freckly-chaos are your clients’ jams, the rhinestone nose bridge is a must. 

A client shows off her yellow eyeshadow look–a summer festival look.

Neon Yellow Shadow 

Layer this neon shadow on thick and heavy when your clients are on the hunt for a look that pops!

For those seeking something a little more subtle, change the shade of the yellow and bring those buildable layers down a notch–then you’ll get a subtle, sunny, and very festival-inspired look without going overboard. Just make sure you’re choosing the right yellow shade for your client’s skin tone! 

Popsicle Stained Lips 

Think about that envied just-eaten-a-popsicle stain that graces your lips every time you snack on a bright colored frozen treat–that’s the look that’s way in at the festivals now.

And the best part about this one is you don’t have to knock this one down a size–it looks good as is for every style in full-blown festival mode. Want to make this a spring-summer sensation? Find the right light shades of pinks, oranges, and reds for your clients. A more dramatic look is on your mind? Go for blues and purples to really make those puckering lips pop! 

Embellished Eye Crease

A client shows off her glittery eye makeup that her MUA gave her for her festival inspired makeup look.

Those rhinestones on the nose bridge? Add ‘em to the crease of your clients lids for a wide-eyed, surprised, and always chic festival look.

Want to make this look a little less in-your-face, swap neon rhinestones for more neutral or natural colors to let it all blend. When you wanna gear it up, change ‘em out for bright color pops–orange, yellow, green!

Flower Power Makeup Art 

There’s never a bad time to rock some flower face art. Whether you want to cover your clients’ eyelids with the prettiest flower liner they’ve ever seen or go full-festival with a rhinestone flower design anywhere else, the flower power look is never out of style. Just like with every other festival look, you can take it down a notch when needed. If your clients are seeking something summery and fun but not a total festival look, then flower eyelids are a must.

Got a festival-inspired trend on your brain you want to try out with your clients? Guess what? We want to know. Drop a comment in the reply section below and share it all with us and, most importantly, the beauty community. 

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