FALLing in Love with Autumn:

 The Fall Trends You've Been Waiting For

Changing leaves, delicious pumpkin-esque-chai-coffee-beverages you can finally justify drinking, cozy turtleneck sweaters you can pull up to your nose as you sit by a fire on a chilly night watching spooky movies. It can all only mean one thing, you guys—

It’s. Fall. Y’all.

Go ahead—pretend that you’re going to miss the summer heat, the blazing summer sun, the always-sweaty-never-fresh look that only the summer season can bring you. We’ll be over here, skipping through the crunchy, crinkling, freshly fallen red and orange leaves while you douse yourself in denial.

Fall is, arguably, the greatest time of the year—and not just because we get to enjoy all the fall foods, drinks, and events (although, hey Fall festivals are what keep us going the entire year through). Fall is everything to us because it means an entirely new set of styles, trends, and looks are about to be entirely unveiled.

In other words? Forget Christmas, Autumn is the most wonderful time of the year.

We’ve put our head together at EBS and done our research to bring you the most fabulous Fall fashions trending this year—and now, they’re all here in one place for you.

So ladies and gents, grab that PSL (don’t be a hater, you know they’re delicious), cozy up, and take notes because it’s time to go full-Fall mode.

Curtain Bangs Barrettes are Back

Curtain bangs are back and they’re better than ever—personally, we couldn’t be more thrilled that we’re getting served this sweet Fall look. These bangs are low-maintenance and easy-to-style, making them a Fall must-have. With this cut, you don’t need to worry about regular bang trims. Enjoy Fall without stressing about your bangs being in your eyes—that’s what these bad boys are designed for.

Barrettes are Back 

Though these aren’t technically a Fall comeback, they’re hitting the Autumn trend boards hard, so we couldn’t not share. Whether they’re big and bold barrettes or subtle and sweet clips, adding in these little beauties will amp up your Fall look in a flash!

Middle Parts

We love a good center part, and luckily, they’re entirely on the Fall look menu. Stop taking sides, go straight for the center part—it’s sophisticated, sleek, and makes for a fantastic Fall look if you’re hoping to change up your image ever-so-slightly with the changing season.

Claw Clips 

 It might scream 80s, but we don’t care—we’re all about this autumn trend. Throw your hair back with a cute little claw clip and pay homage to the days of retro style. This look is all over the runway, in magazines, and on our favorite celebs—we say it’s the perfect look to fall in love with this autumn!

Super Smooth or Troubled Waves Red Eye Liner

Forget the pin curls, forget the summer beach—this Fall, go super smooth or go bedhead, we don’t need any in-between. It’s true, Fall is all about a smooth look or a wavy-I-just-got-out-of-bed-look. Anything more simply will not do!

Red Eye Liner Burgundy Lips

Just reading the words “red eyeliner” is probably giving you flashbacks of being 13 and trying out makeup for the first time—but hear us out. Red eyeliner is all the rage, and when done right, can totally compliment your gorgeous makeup look. Still feeling skeptical? We suggest trying out a thin cat-eye with a deep red liner to give you a little preview of the wonders that are waiting for you. Better yet, try a two-tone combination of black and red liner if you’re still feeling a little non-committal. Line it up and watch your beautiful eyes pop with a little pizzazz!

Burgundy Lips 

Fall is all about lookin’ like you just sipped on some sweet, sultry Bordeaux. That’s right, wine color is all the rage right now, so go burgundy on your lips or go home. Keep your skin lookin’ fresh and the rest of your makeup look super-simple to make sure your delicious lips get that Fall pop you’re looking for!

Jelly French Nails

This takes the whole French manicure thing to an entirely new level. With this, you get some of the classic French Fall look, but with all of the innovation. A Jelly French manicure flaunts the sheer white base, but the tip is painted in an opaque, coordinating shade. We think it’s the perfect time to add in some Fall color to this classic look.

Tiger Print and Tortoiseshell Nails

Wave goodbye to your summer-themed nails—throw away the tropical palm fronds, the coconuts, the bright colors—and say hello to something so delicious filled with Fall feelings you won’t be able to handle it. Tortoiseshell nail art is all the rage, tiger stripes, too—with the subtle Fall color scheme both patterns presume as well as the fun, kicky style, we really aren’t second-guessing this autumn trend.

Love our Fall favorite styles? We thought so!

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