A client works with her stylist on her autumn hair care treament and routine.

Fall Into a New Haircare Routine for Your Clients
How to Elevate Your Clients' Autumn Hair Health  

Say goodbye to salty, sunny summer hair fun and fall in love with the autumn months–and autumn hair health routines, too! As October approaches and the fall months spookily creep in, your clients' haircare routines need a little upgrade. 

Sure, Fall usually means better hair days are ahead. We don't have to deal with the excess summer humidity or the scorching sun. But, there are some Fall elements that do tend to wreak a little havoc on hair looks if your clients aren't properly prepared. 

The temps are dropping, the winds are blowing, and their looks are changing–that means their daily habits and weekly routines might need a little Fall shakeup to help them maintain their lovely locks. 

This year, don't leave your clients hanging on their haircare advice–get them ready to love their fall looks even more by offering them custom advice on how to elevate and upgrade their lovely looks this season! 

Top Tips for a Healthier Hair Routine for Your Clients This Fall

Start the Season Fresh and Clean 

The best way to dive headfirst into a beautiful hair Fall? Start with a clean slate.

Your clients could likely use a little guidance on clarifying shampoos and conditioners that can help their scalps breathe, get rid of excess buildup, and provide a little damage control from the salty, sunny summer months. 

Don't Skimp on the Moisture 

Masks, leave-ins, and new shampoos–whatever you choose for your clients, make sure they're getting a healthier dose of moisture for their Fall looks. Fall and winter months can leave scalps and locks dehydrated and damaged thanks to cooler temps, dryer air, and blustery winds. A little extra moisture–whether it's a daily oil on their ends, weekly masks, or leave-ins they add after every wash–can go a long way to maintaining a beautiful, glossy Fall look. 

Trim Those Summer Ends 

No matter how vigilant your client was about their haircare over the summer, the fact of the matter is that the salt, sun, and fun probably did a number on their locks. Even if you don't do a full transformation cut, urge your clients to opt for a little trim to help them rid their scalps of the summer damage and start their Fall with a fresh look. 

A stylist cuts off her client's split ends to help with her autumn hair care routine.

Don't Forget the Volume 

It's no secret that Fall months can leave hair a little lifeless and flat (thanks to the blustery winds and colder temps). The best way to combat this? Add a little volume to your clients' routine! Pick a few go-to products you know and trust that can work into their daily or weekly routine. Whether it's a gel, a mousse, or a new blow-drying technique, adding in a quick volumizing trick here or there can boost your client's look in a snap. 

Encourage Fully Dry Locks Before Stepping Outside 

This is an especially pertinent update for your clients who air-dry their hair. As the temperatures drop and the cold wind blows, exposing wet hair to the elements can result in serious damage! Remind your clients to avoid wet hair outside at all costs–whether this means doing a full air dry inside before leaving or safely blow drying (with heat protectant!) for the colder seasons. 

A client puts her hair up in a ponytail using a silk scrunchy, part of her autumn hair care routine.

Silk Pillowcases, Scarves, Scrunchies, and More 

As we get into the routine of adding hats, scarves, and jackets to our daily repertoire, we also want to start adding in things to help us combat the extra friction! Swap out that pillowcase of yours for a silk one, get rid of those elastic scrunchies and go for satin or silk. Are clients planning on adding a beanie to their daily routine? A silk scarf over the top of their locks could save them from a ton of damage. 

Add an Oil or Serum to Their Weekly Routine 

Your clients don't need to go crazy adding new products to their daily routines–but they can opt for some reliable, tried-and-true weekly applications that can make a huge difference. Come up with a go-to list of trustworthy products for each of your clients' needs. Whether it's oils to lock in moisture and protect ends or special serums to help them battle their unique Fall hair health issues, creating a customized list of products (even just one or two) could help your client maintain their Fall look and elevate their hair health. 

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