fall hair trends

The Inevitable Change Of Trends: 

New Makeup, New Clothes, And Of Course, New Hair

The standard deeper tones and warmth-giving shades are great options as we head into cooler temperatures. With a loss of lush green surroundings, there’s always something new for fall hair trends that is unexpected and totally gorgeous.

We checked in with stylists, blogs, and runways to help get you ahead of the hottest fall hair trends.

Highlight and Contour With The Right Color

Highlight and contour are two of the biggest trends in the makeup world right now, so why not extend that into hair? Stylists are finding new, unique ways to use color to bring definition to your best features using well-known techniques like balayage and traditional highlight.

Each contoured style will depend on the individual, so stylists be sure to know what exactly your client wants to achieve. Contouring the hair is just like contouring the face. It depends on the natural high and low points of your face.

As no two faces are exactly the same, no two highlight looks will be the same. Lower tones bring attention to the natural contours of the face, and lighter tones brighten and define.

This nuanced color work adds additional depth to your look to help you achieve a perfect I woke up like this vibe, totally makeup free!

Leave Pastels In The Past

Pastels have been all the rage for ages now, but they are falling by the wayside this fall in favor of vivid, saturated jewel tones.

“People are sick of the short lifespan of pastel toners,” says stylist Kristie Perrotti, of the hip American Mortals salon in Philadelphia. “Jewel tones are brighter and richer in tone and offer more longevity, as well as a beautiful fade.”

Choose a rich, stunning tone that complements your skin tone and eye color. Let your clients rock it out this fall for a more low maintenance, easy to wear, bold color.

Try Geometric, Structured Bobs

A glance at the most recent red carpet show displays a shift from loose, lengthy summer styles to more architectural, structured bobs. A bold choice for a chillier season, the classic bob is sure to be a top hair look this season. This classic style brings the structured style of fall and winter fashion to the hair and pulls together a clean, refined look to match the crisp weather.

With fall ushering in holiday events, lifestyle changes, and a shift in motivation from the lax, lazy vibe of summer, a bob is the perfect way to switch up your client’s look. Create a more polished appearance with minimal effort to match the busy breakneck pace of the upcoming holiday season.

Cut With Texture In Mind

​With the focus switching from loose, beachy waves to more practical styles, those not bold enough for a bob will find themselves looking for a style that’s manageable. A cut that complements your client’s natural hair type and texture is the best way to streamline her hair routine.

Curly and wavy haired guys and gals may want to stick to mid-length, dimensional cuts that dry easily in a flattering pattern. Those with pin straight locks can snip it short to avoid obvious split ends and prevent the hair from becoming weighed down.

Maintain a healthy amount of volume at the root without requiring tons of fussing with product. For clients that want to keep their hair routine short and sweet, a naturally flattering cut will help keep the maintenance at a minimum.

Be Bold With Top Knots

The biggest trend popping up on runways and red carpets for styling is a serious, bold top knot—sometimes complemented by a bold bang, like Rihanna’s look at the 2017 Met Gala.

A top knot is a style everyone can manage in no time that is structured with just the right amount of shine, control, and refinement. Bring a whopping amount of drama to any look, and suggest to your client pairing it with a blazer and jeans or a gorgeous gown with ease.

For big events or a long day at the office, a shiny, well-secured top knot can take you from day to night with no fuss.

Whether it’s a fun new highlight or a bold chop, fall is a time to experiment with unique looks. From jewel tones to chic bobs, your clients will be looking fresh this season with any of the looks above.