fall hair color

Another Halloween is Over, and More Holidays are Right Around The Corner

Is Your Clientele Ready For Their Fall Hair Colors?

While you may not be ready for the holidays, you can still get your clients’ hair ready with the recent fall color trends. Fall colors are here and they are making a statement. They include golden blondes, dark brondes, warm coppers, caramels, and jet black tones.

Use The Season As Your Guide

If you have a blonde client who doesn’t want to go too dark with their color, think about some warmer tones from caramel to golden. Buttery tones are a perfect complement to the fall season.

You can add enough depth to get that fall flavor without making the hair too dark—and it’s easier to go brighter once the summer season rolls back around.

If their color is currently a dark brown, maybe you want to add in red or warm copper tones in an ombré. The palette can run from bright red to plum to subtle copper tones. There are plenty of choices in this area.

Feel free to add colors in foil or all over. A demi-permanent color could be an option, so you can change it more readily when the next season’s trends hit.

Plan Ahead For Fall Color

Start dialing down the blonde a bit at the last part of the summer, and try working in one of the newest trends, bronde. Add a warmer tone to the dark color you usually do.

What you want to keep in mind here is looking ahead to the next change of color, and not doing any undue damage to the hair in the interim.

Try A Shadow Root

A shadow root in a medium-brown can tone down the bright blonde. Some subtle low-lighting can bring out the beautiful blend of color.

If the client currently has a blonde ombré color, consider adding some pieces in a darker, muted color to the blonde for contrast.

Or, just toning down the blonde to a more golden, softer tone. A soft toner might just do the trick—if they like blonde and don’t want to have dark hair, subtlety is key here.

The color can be painted on in a balayage technique that adds color right where you want it. Baby lights can also add that touch of color your client is wanting.

Consider Extentions

Whether all over for a dramatic change or random pieces to enhance the fall look without changing their own color, hair extensions are the perfect solution to creating a fall look without the commitment.

Remember, healthy hair is just as important as keeping up with the seasonal trends.