Fall for These Autumn Looks

The Hair Trends Every Stylist Should Know for Fall 2021

Drop the PSLs and put down the apple picking baskets, because Fall is about to get real for cosmetologists.

Soon, you’ll have every client on your roster (and probably some who aren’t yet) trying to schedule to get their Fall looks going.

That means it’s your time to figure out which Autumn looks you’re dying to try out and recommend as your faves.

Want the low-down on what’s hot this Autumn without burying yourself in research and pulling yourself away from leaf-peeping sessions?

Cosmetologists, stylists, and hair pros, we got you—these are the must-know Autumn looks that your clients are sure to Fall in love with.  

Fall Hair Trends That’ll Leaf Your Clients Loving Their Autumn Looks  

70s Flips, Please 

Paging Farah Fawcett—this look is the throwback of a lifetime.

Don’t be afraid to take your clients way back and commit to the full flip (just make sure they’re on board with the maintenance, first).

Flippin' For Fringe

Sultry and sweeping, nothing says autumnal change like a Fringe cut. (TBH, we can probably thank the Gossip Girl reboot for this trend but we’re not complaining).

Want a really edgy fringe look? Make sure you cut so that the fringe feathers out and frames the cheekbones for easy grow-out.

It’ll look great and your clients will thank you when their initial length starts to change.

Bronde is Best 

Is it blonde? Is it brown? Y’all, it’s both—and it doesn’t get much better.

We love a good bronde, especially with the change of the seasons.

This beautiful blend of colors is a seamless, sweet choice for those who aren’t seeking a single-color look.

Bronde gives the ultimate dimensions and screams, “look, it’s autumn!” probably more than any other color palette out there. But, full disclosure, that’s our opinion.

Make it a Mullet 

We’re not kidding, you guys. Mullets are back, and judging by their wild popularity, they’re more than likely here to stay.

 The craziest part? We’re not really complaining. The 2021 mullet isn’t quite the Joe Dirt look of yesteryear—it’s sophisticated, it’s refined, and it’s still somehow business upfront with a whole lot of party in the back.

Looking for a quick twist on a classic mullet that’s absolutely ravaging social media right now?

Opt for a wolf cut for your edgy, fun-loving clients by fusing a shag, a mullet, and a heavy set of disconnected layers. It’s trendy, it’s edgy, and it’s a whole lot of fun—for the right client, of course.

Chocolate with a Side of Cinnamon

We’re talking about hair color, of course.

While there are always new Fall trends when it comes to color, some classics never die—and chocolate, cinnamon, dessert-worthy colors that are rich and delectable will always be a thing (mark our words).

Think cocoa, think toffee, and think caramel for your next colorist appointment.

And try not to drool when you suggest it to your clients, K?

Oui, a French Bob 

No, we haven’t watched just a dash too much of Emily in Paris (or maybe we have, what’s it to ya?), this look is so, so in right now.

Think a shorter bob than your typical chin-length look, then add a touch of a wedge, air-dried waves, and a little chic flair.

Voila! You’ve got a blunt-cut look that’s anything but boring.

All That Glitters is (Rose) Gold

Shades of red, gold, rose gold, and other romantic tones are SO Fall.

Sure, they’re fun every other season of the year, but are you seriously going to tell us that an auburn shade, a deep rose gold hue, or a fun burnt copper tone aren’t all literally begging to stand next to a tree with changing leaves?

We’ll go to the mat on that argument.

Shag Styles for the Win 

Curly, straight, textured—whatever your clients have, we promise their locks are begging for a shag look.

Why? Because this ultra-flattering shape is totally back in style and here to prove it basically works for everyone.

Whether you want to give your client a soft, blended shag that gives a subtle little boost of style or you’re hoping someone will turn the dial all the way toward a retro shag (which we are SO here for, BTW), there’s a shag look for every client out there.

Chill Chandelier Layers

You’ve heard of the curtain bang (which, BTW, is still very, very in right now), but have you given the chandelier layer look a go?

Side note, there must be a good reason we name haircuts after household items, right?

Nothing says Fall like change—remind your clients of that next time they pop in!

And feel free to use this guide as a must-consult for their new looks, too.

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