Hair Beware, It’s Time To Fall For Autumn

Cozy sweaters. Piping hot drinks. Cool winds brushing your hair back.

It’s not your imagination, fall is right around the corner, and for you, the autumn weather isn’t the only thing that’s getting you excited about this upcoming season. 

For you, a whole new world is about to open up for you and your clients – fall beauty looks!  

It doesn’t take much to get people excited for fall and all of the trends and activities associated with it.

And can you blame them?

Fall is wonderful; with its pumpkin patches, Halloween nights, flannel patterns, and fire-side romances, fall is the perfect season to usher out the hot, sweat days of summer and bring in cooler, cozy days.

So, it’s settled. The gorgeous, changing colors are on their way –  but are you?

Fall is more than just a hay ride and a month-long festival, it’s a chance to convince your clients to fall in love with new looks!

This is one of the most obvious – and most exciting! – ways that you can hep your clients get on board with the new season.

Nothing says “autumn is coming” like a few tweaks here and there to your client’s signature do. But, what exactly does “Fall Hair” mean?

We’re here to break down a few simple fall trends that you can implement in your salon this season.

Read on for some autumn-insight!

Blondes, Get Bold With Your Fall Hair

Listen up.

Here’s how you’re going to get your fall on with your beautiful blond clients. We know that usually you’re after the lightest, brightest, most gorgeous blond in all of the land, and if this was summer, we’d totally agree with you, but this is fall hair season, friend, and it’s time to get bold with the blondes.

If you have a blond client who’s looking for a change and wants to bring a little Autumn to her (or his) beautiful tresses, suggest going with something a little different to get that Fall glow they’re looking for.

For starters, try suggesting some low-lights to bring in a warmer tone around their face. Or, you could try balayage blending in a darker root to a blonder tip to get the ultimate fall ombre style. Consider warm caramels, darker roots, and creamy brunette shades to mix it with your blonde’s locks to get that sultry, fall look your client is after.

Brunettes, Add in Some Fall Sass 

If you have clients that are rocking brunette locks, there are plenty of fun, fall trends you can suggest so that they can get into the autumn spirit.

First things first, there’s always the option of taking that chocolate brown to a more auburn-brunette to bring a little more autumn to their look. Try adding in some richer, deeper browns to your brunette’s hair to give the client some fall dimension while freshening up their look all at once!

 Instead of lighting up with blonde highlights and ombres, try giving your brunettes a little deeper contrast with caramel, auburn, and rich honeys.

Redheads, There’s Room for You Too

Fall is basically the redhead’s season without any of your professional help, but if you have some gorgeous red locks that are also looking for a little fall boost, don’t be afraid to persuade them into trying some new autumn looks, too.

 For starters, you could suggest throwing in some lighter red, auburn, or creamy brunette highlights to give that red a little dimension. If you have a client that’s more orange than red, try suggesting some auburn shades to darken up those summery-hues!