Eyelash Exclusive: 

Building Your Beauty Business 101

You don’t need us to tell you that eyelashes have been the next big thing in the cosmetology industry for a hot minute now. When it comes down to it, eyelashes are taking over as the big-time moneymakers—so much so that some cosmetologists are making entire careers out of it.

Eyebrows are still in, don’t get us wrong, but there’s something super special and unique about eyelash services—whether it’s lifting, tinting, extensions, or something else entirely. From mink lashes to curling formulas to lash tints that last for months, the world of lashes just keeps expanding!

On one hand, we love the boost in the eyelash industry because well, the field of beauty absolutely rules when it comes to this kind of stuff. Our industry has a way of turning the normally-mundane into something absolutely awesome. How could we not get on board with that?

On the other hand, we love the eyelash crazy from a business perspective for all beauty pros—whether you want to train and tack on eyelash services in addition to something you already offer or you want to make this trend your total cash cow (because trust us, this baby is here to stay).

Joining the ever-growing movement for all-things-eyelashes is a great way for your to showcase a whole new set of skills, wrangle your market, and bring in the big bucks doing something you’ll probably love.

So, without further hesitation, let’s dive into everything you need to know about setting up your eyelash biz from the start.

We Want Certs

Whether you’re just starting out on your eyelash journey or you’ve been a pro for years, we highly recommend that anyone interested in making a career out of this service invest in the proper certification. Though every salon, spa, shop, and even state has unique requirements, you’ll never regret having your cert.

Why? Because not only does it showcase that you’re the real deal and you’re totally certified to do the work you claim to be good at, but it also gives your clients the confidence to book with you, offers you valuable learning experiences, and acts as a confidence booster, too.

You need to have the proper training so you can ensure you’re doing everything to the letter—plus, it’s highly likely that any person you work with or for is going to want to see that certification front and center before you start offering eyelash services.

Find Your Mentor

Working with someone who can show you the ropes is so helpful. We know what you’re thinking—this isn’t just advice to cosmetology industry newbies.

Even if you’re a seasoned beauty pro, you’ll reap the benefits of learning from someone who can offer you eyelash insight, experience, and advice.

Hook up with someone you admire and respect and see if they’d be willing to act as your mentor—in the long run, you’ll learn a lot, get a ton of practice in, and continue to set the bar high for yourself and your services.

Train, Train, Train

Speaking of tons of practice, that’s going to be the biggest piece of the beauty pro puzzle here.

Our advice? Practice as much as possible. If you’ve moved on from practicing on fake lashes, we recommend offering your friends and family severely discounted rates to tighten up your skills and hone your craft even further. Even if the first few don’t go as smoothly as you hope, it’s best to get the kinks out on people you know and trust than trying it out on your first few customers.

Pop-Up Eyelash Services

If you’re trying to keep your eyelash gig separate from your salon or shop (whether you own one or work at someone else’s) try renting out a salon or a booth elsewhere to specifically focus on your eyelash biz. 

Set aside certain days and hours that are totally dedicated to your eyelash services—then, put all your attention and energy into this new part of your business!

Offer a Variety of Options

Some cosmetologists can absolutely make a living just offering one, specific eyelash service, but that doesn’t always mean that’s going to be the best route for you.

Our advice? Try to get your certs and practice in for a variety of eyelash services, that way, you can offer all kinds of options to a new market. 

Why? Because some folks are likely looking for subtle, natural-looking lash lifts while others are on the prowl for a dramatic, mink extension. Both are great choices and both would be a suitable client for you—why limit yourself in this neat niche if you can hone your skills in both?

Plus, the more you’re able to offer to your target market, the better your business will be.

Loving our business savvy blog? We sure hope so. We’re here to help you boost your game in the beauty world every step of the way—from eyelash tips to tax tricks, we’ve got you covered. 

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