Build Your Beauty Business: Eyelash Services 101

The lash craze is everywhere.

It seems we can’t log into Instagram, scroll through Facebook, or talk with our beauty biz friends and colleagues without witnessing one of those all-new, trendy lash boost looks that are all the rage now-a-days.

Remember when the trend was eyebrows (okay, this trend is definitely not over and likely won’t be for a long time – we’re not mad, we love a good brow!) and everyone and their brother was getting their certs and licenses for microblading and other eyebrow specialties?

It’s the same thing with lashes.

Now, it seems you can’t go a day without seeing lash enhancers, lash extensions, mink lashes, flare lashes, eyelash fills, eyelash curling formulas, etc. It’s a never-ending lash wonderland and you know what?

We’re stoked about it.

That’s not just because we love lashes – it’s because this is a great, exciting, and unique new ways to boost your book, increase your options, showcase a whole new set of skills, and wrangle in a whole new market.

Let’s get started on EyeLash Certification: 101 so you can get the skinny on how to boost your book!

First Things First, Get That Eyelash Certification (or Certs)

We’re going to start this off with the painfully obvious point that if you’re going to start working on eyelashes (whether it’s extensions, curling, fillings, etc,) then you absolutely must get certified to do so.

Offering these services to people without having the proper training isn’t just bad business, it’s bad morals!

Make sure you’re able to display your eyelash certification proudly when you start working with eyelashes, and make sure you’re being honest with your clients if you’re new the eyelash game. Explain that you’re more than qualified (you have that fancy eyelash certification, after all), but you’re new in the eyelash biz, so offer great deals, take your time, and make sure all of your clients are on board.

If you plan to hop on this beauty bandwagon, we recommend getting an eyelash certification from a reputable, well-know, and respected program.

We don’t mean that you have to take a year-long course just to start dabbling in the eyelash game (does that exist, actually?), but we do recommend you take a few different classes, know your stuff, and get all the different eyelash certifications necessary to start working ASAP!

Pop-Up Days

Once you’re all certified and trained, start getting into the eyelash game with fun pop-up days!

If you work at a salon, set aside certain days or hours specifically for eyelashes so that you can focus all your attentions and energies on this new part of your business.

Try out lash pop-up shops, too!

 If you want to start lashes as your side gig but it’s not necessarily part of the salon’s plan that you’re currently working with, get the okay to rent a chair in a public spot, a different salon, or out of your home so that you can have special, pop-up lash opportunities!

 Pop up lash stops are all the rage lately, so hopping on this band wagon can only make you a trendy choice for lash-lovers (if you’re doing it right!)

Market Yourself Appropriately

Make sure your customers, old and new, know that you’re offering these services now.

It’s not enough to simply put your certification up on the wall and hope that someone notices.

You need to start marketing your new, awesome skills.

Like we said, lashes are all the rage lately, so it’s something you can anticipate will take off (with potential minimal marketing effort), but that doesn’t mean that you can skate by and not put the work in to get the word out.

Try listing it under the salon services (if you run your own shop, this part shouldn’t be too terribly difficult). If you’re working with an owner, explain how this type of service could benefit the business. Talk about the trend, the pricing opportunities, and all of the services you could offer in the “lash” market.

List your new lash services on all of your social sites, add it on your website, offer great deals for new customers, and referral discounts for clients who spread the word.

Make sure when someone is on the hunt for your list of services, lashes are making the cut.

Remember those pop ups we were talking about in the last section?​

This is a great way to market yourself. Wherever you have that lash pop up, have your information listed clearly for everyone to see. Have business cards, links to your social sites, website, etc. readily available – that way, even if someone doesn’t stop for a lash boost that day, they’ll know how to find you for their future lash needs!

Understand All the Options, and Try to Offer Several Choices for Clientele

It’s important to understand just how the lash trend is playing into the modern day, too.

You don’t want to just specialize in lash extensions if the market is trending more toward lash curling formulas. If it’s possible, we suggest fully hopping on the lash trend and getting all the lash certifications that you can, but hey, we’re realists – we know this isn’t always possible (time and money, hello).

Try to dabble in all of the above so you can offer several different choices to your clients!

Maybe you have a market for lash extensions – make sure you’re able to offer all the goodies. Do they want mink lashes? Silk lash extensions? Synthetic lashes? Have the knowledge to provide them with the best options for them! Maybe you have a market more for eyelash curling formulas? Make sure you can offer them the best formulas. How about eyelash fill services? Make sure you’re on board with all the latest eyelash certs and licenses so you can best understand your market.

Overall, understand that the more eyelash services you can offer, the wider net you can cast. Try to tap into a ton of different parts of the market with all the eyelash services you can offer – it’s not a trend you want to miss out on!