A stylist sprays her hair filler spray on her head.

Everything to Know About Hair Filler Spray
The Need-to-Know Details on This New Trend  

Every day in the cosmetology industry is a new adventure–especially when it comes to the latest trends.

And, as usual, the new trends that rock the industry and the public aren’t something you can necessarily ignore.

Why? Because even if a new fad or trend isn’t your thing, you can bet that someone at some point is going to wander into your salon and ask about it.

When they do, you want to know what they’re talking about. Right? Of course. As an expert in the industry, it’s your job to know what’s happening out there in the beauty pro world–and this new trend is no exception.

We’ve got three words for you: hair filler spray.

Yep, hair filler spray. If this phrase is new to you, don’t sweat it, it’s a trend that’s only just now picking up traction.

But it is getting popular quickly! Want to know more about hair filler spray, how it’s used, and why it’s becoming so popular?

This blog has got your back!

What Are Hair Filler Sprays?

The term “hair filler” isn’t new–it’s the spray part that’s becoming a bigger trend. Anything that’s a “hair filler”–a cream, a product, a technique, etc.–is designed to do one thing–make the hair appear fuller.

Does it actually fill the hair or encourage growth? Well, not really–though some products do claim to help with hair growth (that’s up to you to discern, though).

Basically, hair filler spray works in the same way dry shampoo does. It sprays to dispense something on the scalp–in this case; it’s pigment or fibers. Why? Because adding pigment or fibers helps to make fine or thinning hair appear thicker as well as give hair some extra boost.

Hair filer spray is also sometimes called hair fiber spray, so keep an eye out for that during your research–they’re essentially the same thing.

Everything You Should Know About Hair Filler Sprays

Before you jump into the hair filler spray trend, it’s important to know a few things about them so you can get an idea of what they are and whether or not you should encourage your clients to use them (or even use them yourself). Here are some super important distinctions to be aware of:

  • Hair fillers are all about improving the appearance of hair–that means hair will only look fuller and won’t actually be fuller. Ensuring your clients are aware of that is key.
  • Hair filler comes in more than just sprays–but the spray is the hot topic right now.
  • Hair filler won’t add volume the way real hair will–if your clients are looking for actual fullness, extensions for fullness might be a good option
  • Like everything, hair filler sprays are going to range in price and effectiveness–and often you’ll get what you pay for
  • Hair filler sprays will either spray out color or fibers to give the appearance of fuller hair, but no actual hair is added

Should You Suggest Hair Filler Sprays to Your Clients?

There’s no denying that hair filler sprays are becoming a more sought-after beauty tool. It’s being bought more often, used more often, and searched for online more often, too.

So, that begs the question. Is this something you should beef up your knowledge on? Should you have a go-to spray you suggest for your clients?

The answer, like most, is going to be different for everyone. You need to address a few key questions before you can form your opinion:

  • How do you feel about hair filler sprays as a beauty professional?
  • Are there ways your clients can get the same effect without spending the extra money?
  • If you were to suggest hair filler spray, how would you go about it?
  • Do you have a hair filler spray you trust enough to recommend to your clients?
  • Would you carry hair filler spray in your salon, shop, or sap?

All of these factors need to be considered before you dive into the hair filler spray game!

Have questions about hair filler spray? Have you used it for your clients before? Drop your knowledge, insight, and curiosities about hair filler spray below in our comment section. We’re sure our community has got your back!

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