The 411 on My Salon Suite

Everything You Need to Know  

At Elite Beauty Society, we believe that because we’re churning out the insurance policies that are super specific to your industry, it’s up to us to make sure that any info we’re throwing your way should be specific to your industry, too.

Maybe not all insurance companies feel that way, but because we’re beauty pros, too, we believe in stickin’ together, forming a community, and sharing the good, the bad, and the beautiful about our beauty industry—and that most def include the need-to-know details that can boost your career.

That’s why today we’re talkin’ in-depth about something we believe you need to know about—a little community known as My Salon Suite. 

If you’re just hearing this name for the first time ever, don’t be upset—just get ready for this knowledge to change your life a little bit. 

If you—like a lot of the EBS community—absolutely loves learning about new opportunities, ways to boost your career, and getting’ the dish on the must-know tips in our industry, then you’re in the right place.

Join us as we give you a play-by-play on this badass community that can take you—and your career—further than you ever thought possible! 

What is My Salon Suite?

First things first, let’s address the beautiful elephant in the salon—what exactly is My Salon Suite? 

My Salon Suite is a community-driven service that helps connects talented beauty pros like you with more than just a place to rent a chair—instead, they help you find a place to call your own, a space that’s all yours to do with what you will, a suite where you can flourish as a creative, business owner, and beauty pro icon.

My Salon Suite is all about bringing beauty professionals together (across a wide variety of specialties, so, it’s not just the stylists who are reaping these benefits) to provide unique spaces where they can do business, be themselves, flourish, and benefit from being in a creative community.

This set-up is unique because as a business owner, you’re getting access to your entire suite—you’re not just working with a single chair setup. These suite setups are designed to stand out from other suite rental companies in more ways than just their aesthetics.

Though to be fair, these suites are designed with luxury, security, and creativity in mind—all of that makes for a pretty sweet aesthetic (if we do say so ourselves). 

My Salon Suite provides professionals with fully equipped rental suites all over the country (there are more than 100 locations spanning 28 states and Canada!), but more than that, they provide membership and community by allowing creative beauty pros a space to connect, bond, and thrive. 

The Must-Know Benefits of My Salon Suite 

Okay, so now that you have a pretty clear picture of the what behind My Salon Suite, let’s talk about the next most important factor—the why. As in, why should you care about My Salon Suite? 

If we had to sum up why My Salon Suite matters for a beauty pro like you in a single word, we’d pick this one—benefits

If you’re an EBS member, you already know how strongly we feel about member benefits (um, newsflash, we have an entire list of benefits exclusive to our members)—which is probably why we’re such big fans of My Salon Suites in the first place. They’ve got a nice, long list of benefits, too. Like:  

Suites are entirely private. That’s right, you’re not just a chair in a salon. You get the whole suite to yourself.

That means you can prioritize client connection and fostering relationships without worrying about balancing the noise of surrounding clients and stylists. 

  • Personal touches are totally permissible (and encouraged!). Sure, the salon is fully equipped, but you’re welcome to paint, design, and decorate the way you want—it’s your suite, after all. 
  • Did we mention suites are fully equipped? Yeah, if you didn’t catch that in the sentence before this one, the suites come fully equipped and ready for action! 
  • Over 100 locations in North America—that means you can find My Salon Suites in Canada and 28 states. 
  • A community built on unique FLAIR TM. We’re not talkin’ about any normal kind of flair, we’re talking about a community filled with FLAIR TM—Fun, Loving, creAtively, Inspired, entRepreneurs. 

My Salon Suite is all about developing and fostering relationships and a community that approaches every interaction with joy and happiness while emphasizing taking care of yourself, others, and the community. 

Bonus Tip: My Salon Suite + EBS = BFFS

PS, people—we love My Salon Suite so much we’ve teamed up with them. (Don’t act like you’re surprised, we’ve been sitting here telling you how great they are for the past 5 minutes, of course we couldn’t resist teaming up with them). 

All members of My Salon Suite can receive a discount on our Elite Beauty Society Insurance—you know, great insurance with access to a whole smattering of other amazing benefits, too! 

Ready to see for yourself just how amazing My Salon Suite is? Check them out right here

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