The Complete Guide to Esthetician Insurance

The Complete Guide to Esthetician Insurance

Tips for Professional Estheticians Who Need Insurance

Working as an esthetician can be a wonderful experience. Every day, estheticians get the joy of helping people look and feel their best. As someone who works closely with their clients to achieve their desired style and looks, estheticians face certain risks with each client they serve. Even though estheticians have invested years of training in their craft, mistakes, and accidents happen. 

If a client is injured or has an accident while under your care, you could be held liable to cover the costs associated with the incident. Estheticians insurance from Elite Beauty Society helps protect you from paying that expense out of your own pocket. But what exactly is esthetician insurance, and why do you need it? Hold on to your contour brushes as we dive into the complete guide to esthetician liability insurance. 

Why Do I Need Estheticians Insurance?

Before we can get into the finer details of the types of esthetician insurance, let us explore why it is so important. As an esthetician, your work encompasses a wide variety of beauty treatments, equipment, and products each and every day. Because of this variety, there is a broad potential for incidents to occur that could cause your clients harm in some way. 

Take, for example, a chemical peel to smooth a client's skin. While administering this treatment, your client has an allergic reaction and needs to seek medical attention. In this situation, you could be held financially liable for the harm that your client endured. However, if you are insured with estheticians insurance from Elite Beauty Society, you would be protected from paying this cost from your own resources. Esthetician liability insurance provides a safety net of protection for situations just like this. 

Without insurance for estheticians, you could end up paying a high price for an incident that causes harm to a client. Paying the cost of a client’s lawsuit, medical bills, or other expenses can be overwhelming for most estheticians and could prove to be potentially disastrous for your career. Keeping yourself and your career safe through esthetician insurance is a wise decision and an investment in your security. 

Different Types of Liability Insurance for Estheticians

There are different ways to make your clients look their best, and there are different types of liability insurance. Each type of liability insurance is designed to help protect you in different situations that may occur in your line of work. The esthetician insurance that Elite Beauty Society offers incorporates three types of liability insurance so that you are entirely covered with a single policy. Let us explore the details of each type of liability insurance. 

To learn more about what liability insurance you need as an esthetician, check out this article.

General Liability Insurance for Estheticians 

General liability insurance is an essential form of coverage as it covers incidents related to accidents and damages that could occur around where you work. Often called “slip and fall insurance,” general liability insurance helps with claims that are not specific to your profession. As these types of accidents are among the most frequent claims that are made, general liability insurance is an absolute necessity. 

  • Example of a situation where general liability may be needed:A client is walking in for a waxing appointment, and they trip over a rug in your booth. They knock their head against the wall as they fall and sustain an injury that requires immediate medical attention. Once their injuries have been attended to, they hire a lawyer to hold you liable for the cost of medical treatment, their time away from work, lawyers' fees, etc. In this situation, general liability estheticians insurance from Elite Beauty Society would cover up to $2 million for each claim with a total of $3 million individual annual aggregate. This means that it would help cover these costs so that you do not have to pay them out of your personal pocket. 

Professional Liability Insurance for Estheticians

Professional liability insurance is a necessary part of coverage for estheticians as it covers claims related to your specific profession. Professional liabilities refer to the inherent risks that are uniquely associated with skin care and the work of an esthetician. This may include ripping skin during a waxing session, a burn from a laser hair removal session, or other circumstances related to the esthetic services you provide. Professional liability insurance helps protect you from the cost of a malpractice suit or a claim that pertains to your profession as an esthetician. 

  • Example of a situation where professional liability insurance may be needed:

You are working with a client during a waxing session, and you accidentally spill hot wax on your client. This spill results in your client being burned and needing to seek medical treatment for their injury. They contact a lawyer and hold you professionally liable for the cost of their treatment. 

In this situation, professional liability insurance would help protect you from covering your client's medical expenses. With the estheticians insurance from Elite Beauty Society, you would be covered for up to $2 million per claim with an annual aggregate of $3 million. This coverage would help with situations like this and others that are directly related to your professional esthetician occupation. 

Product Liability Insurance for Estheticians

Completing the trifecta of liability insurance coverage is product liability insurance. As you work with a wide range of products every day to help your clients, product liability insurance is all the more relevant to your profession. The most common instances that pertain to product liability are adverse reactions to an ingredient within a product. Product liability insurance would help you in the event of a client experiencing an adverse reaction to a product that you use during treatment. 

  • Example of a situation where product liability may be needed:

You are using a chemical peel on a client to help soften the skin on their face when they have a severe allergic reaction to an ingredient in the peel. This reaction causes their face to break out with painful inflammation. They seek medical treatment, but the inflammation is painful for a while after medical care. They hold you responsible for the medical treatment costs and the pain and suffering they endured after the treatment.

In this situation, product liability insurance would help protect you from having to cover the entire cost of the claim. Product liability insurance is especially pertinent to estheticians and the products they use on a daily basis. 

Other Coverage Made Available Under Estheticians Insurance

While the above coverages offer a wide range of liability coverage, some situations fall under different categories of coverage. As part of the comprehensive estheticians insurance from Elite Beauty Society, we include the following coverage:

  • Identity theft protection: This coverage will help protect you from the potential losses resulting from identity theft. As a good portion of your business is marketed in an online presence, it leaves you susceptible to people with malicious intentions. With the esthetician insurance from EBS, we will cover up to $25,000 to restore losses due to identity theft. 

What is the Cost of Esthetician Liability Insurance?

As an investment in the security of your finances and career, naturally, the cost is a significant factor. We have options for different packages to get coverage tailor-made to your situation. We offer different rates for professional, part-time estheticians, students, and even a benefits-only option. 

  • Professional estheticians working full-time can choose to pay for one or two years at a time in either a one-time payment or monthly over 12 months. The cost for a single year of coverage is $179 and $299 for the two year option. 
  • Part-timers still receive the same incredible coverage as full-time estheticians, but at the cost of a $149 one-time payment or as low as $12.38 a month over 12 months.
  • Students have the same coverage at $49 for their first year. This is important because you can still be held liable for claims that may occur while you are still honing your craft. 
  • If you are only about the benefits of EBS's fantastic esthetician liability insurance, you can select the Benefits Only package for only $39. 

Find the Best Esthetician Insurance from Elite Beauty Society

When it comes to finding the best estheticians insurance, we offer one of the most comprehensive coverage plans at an incredible rate. Get instant coverage today and protect your future with estheticians insurance from Elite Beauty Society.