Email Marketing Tips for Your Salon 

How to Turn Emails Into Impactful Marketing Campaigns 

293.6 billion emails—that’s how many were sent and received in 2019 each day.

That number is only expected to go up, in fact, it’s predicted that stat will increase to about 347.3 billion emails daily in 2022.

We don’t usually like to start our blogs with boring stats and data, but these are pretty darn compelling (and like, totally worth your attention)—especially when it comes to the concept of email marketing.

Email marketing—if you’re not familiar—is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. An organic way to reach customers, develop relationships, and communicate with potential customers through the use of email marketing.

We know what you’re thinking—how effective could email marketing be?

The answer: really freakin’ effective.

In fact, for about every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect an average return of about $42.

That’s pretty substantial—and that’s why email marketing matters so much.

In essence, it’s a great way to communicate with your customers without spending a ton of money to do so—and the ROI is pretty impressive.

But that doesn’t mean you can just slap together an email every week and think it’ll be successful.

No way—you’ve got to put a little work into your email marketing to make it worth it. Not sure how? Here are some tips.

The Top Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know For Your Salon's Success 

Want to make sure your email marketing campaign efforts aren’t for nothing? These tips can definitely help you out.

Curate the Ultimate Salon Email List First

You could put all the effort in the world into crafting powerful, effective email marketing campaigns—but it wouldn’t make one ounce of difference to your salon if you didn’t have a list of people to send those emails to.

In other words, the best (and first) tip we can offer you is to invest time and energy into curating an impactful email list.

Gather your clients’ emails, have them sign up for newsletters on your site, use social media ads to scrape data.

Whatever you need to do to get a list going, do that first and foremost.

Invest In a Salon Software with Powerful Marketing Support

Let’s just go ahead and say this right away—no one expects you to be a marketing guru out of nowhere.

While the cosmetology business does now sort of require that you have some digital marketing skills to be hyper-successful, that doesn’t mean you need to eat-sleep-breathe marketing.

However, with a little help, you can bridge that marketing gap in a snap. Try out some software for your salon that’s multifaceted—in other words, a software that can perform multiple functions for you (like scheduling, marketing, newsletter design, invoice tracking, etc.).

Trust us, these systems are out there—and they definitely can empower you to create marketing campaigns that do some serious legwork for your brand.

Don’t Just Send Emails—Deliver Actual Value

We know your clients love you, but no one wants an email where you just pop in and say hey.

It’s a cute idea, but people are inclined to delete pointless emails that don’t deliver.

That’s why the demand to provide value is so important.

Your emails should do more than take up space in an inbox.

Whether they’re offering free education to your clients, alerting them to discounts, offering coupons, or updating on something they actually care about, customers are far more likely to open up your email if you actually have something valuable to say and offer.

Make Sure Your Subject Lines Get Attention

How many times have you read the subject of an email and been so bored you automatically delete it?

Probably a lot, right?

We don’t blame you. Listen.

Facts are facts—you need a little razzle-dazzle to get people’s attention.

This is arguably one of the most important factors to consider when typing your email campaigns because it’s the determining and deciding element that sways people one way or the other—to open the email or not to open the email.

Keep the subject short, sweet, and curiosity-piquing for ultimate results.

Automate & Schedule Those Efforts

It goes without saying that email marketing takes a lot of time, blood, sweat, tears, effort, and creativity—that’s why it’s so crucial to be efficient where you can.

Enter in the ultimate marketing hack: automation.

Look into tools or software that can help you plan, schedule, and automate your campaigns to make sure everything is running smoothly and basically on its own once you get the content in place (preferably after you’ve batched everything together all at once).

That way, you won’t have to carve out huge chunks of your everyday schedule to create and schedule emails.

Designs Should Be Aesthetic (& Simple)

If you’re going to the template or newsletter route for your marketing campaigns, try to steer clear of being too flashy and busy.

Obviously, stay true to your branding, but don’t try to throw so much design at your reader that they get distracted or don’t know where to look.

As a bonus tip, it’s crucial to include your branding aesthetic in your templates to ensure people know it’s you—this includes your design, your logos, and your tone of voice. Everything should be consistent.

Data is Your Friend—Don’t Ignore It

Finally, some parting advice that’s massively important—learn from the data.

If you’re using software that automates, schedules, and tracks your email marketing, then make sure you’re consulting the acquired data regularly.

If people are deleting your emails, unsubscribing from your email list, or you’re dealing with high bounce rates, it’s time to start considering what you’re doing wrong and brainstorming ways to correct it.

Your email marketing strategy is on its way to being the best version of itself.

Want to know how you can be the best version of your cosmetology self?

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