Salon Management

Effective Salon Management 101:

How to Run Your Salon, Spa, or Shop Seamlessly

Let’s get something clear here right from the start—being the manager of a badass beauty salon, spa, or shop is no walk in the park.

If you’re in an ownership or management position that basically states that you’re the one in charge of running the show, then, first of all, we’re here applauding you, because that takes guts, know-how, courage, and probably liters and liters of coffee.

As the manager of a beauty biz, you’re probably doing a little bit of everything—you balance the chaos, you deal with expenses, you boost team morale, you clean, you keep things organized, and you probably even step in to do some beauty work when things get crazy, right?

Look, we can’t sit here and tell you that we know how to make your job easier—we’re not going to promise you something we probably can’t deliver on (it’s just the nature of the biz, guys). But, we can deliver some must-know tips straight to you that are bound to make the job just a smidge less chaotic and crazy.

Translation? We can help you become the best salon, spa, or shop manager around by helping you balance, delegate, and run the most effective salon possible

Check out some of our 101 tips here to give you the groundwork you need to start running a more efficient, more productive, and hopefully less chaotic beauty biz.

Treat Your Customers With the Respect They Deserve

You know what they teach in management 101, right? The customer is always right.

While we can’t say we’re always on board with that mindset, we do think that you should 100 percent do your best to ensure you’re treating your customers with respect and doing everything in your power to maintain a solid customer satisfaction rating.

The heart of your business is, without question, your customers, so treat them that way. Everything that happens in your salon or shop is your responsibility, so make sure that you’re taking charge and ensuring that customers are always treated properly. Further, be sure you’re engaging with your customers on as many levels as possible—bond with them, form relationships with them, interact with them online and in person, provide a flawless service.

The more you can humanize your business and appeal to people on their personal levels, the better the connection.

And Don’t Forget Your Employees, Too

Your salon or shop is never going to run the way you’re dreaming of if your team isn’t on the same page—AKA, if you don’t have the dream team you’ve always wanted, we suggest you take a look in the mirror and start with a little self-analyzation. 

Are you the kind of boss you’d want? Are your employees happy, well-trained, and given all the tools they need to be successful within your vision? If the answer to any of those questions is no, it’s likely you’re not giving your employees the resources they need to be the dream team you want.

Be the type of boss you’d want to have.

When the Going Gets Rough, Stand Tall

You’re the leader—that means you’re the one who needs to take control and direct the team, even when things get rough. And when we say be a leader, we really don’t mean you need to be that stereotypical boss people joke about—you know the one, the mean, rude, and almost robotic one.

Be a human. Lead with charisma. But most importantly, lead with confidence.

Be strong and honest. Be wise and be upfront about your flaws. Be brave and be there to show up for your team, but don’t be afraid to admit when you might need help. The better leader you are, the better your salon will run.

Delegate Like It’s Your Job—Because, Well, It Is

Just because you’re the manager doesn’t mean the whole world has to fall on your shoulders. We won’t repeat it, but if someone in the back needs to hear that, we suggest you read that out loud before you go any further into this article.

Once you realize that delegating is actually a big part of your job, you’re going to find sweet, sweet relief within your job. Yes, you’re in charge of making sure things run smoothly, but that means you should be able to delegate, to put other people in charge where they shine, and have the sense to step away and trust the people in your employ.

An all hands on deck mantra is so much better than having everything in the hands of a single person.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Cuts

Yeah, yeah, it’s a pun (beauty business, cuts, you get it), but it’s also a super-serious tip to keep in mind. Sometimes, as a manager, you’re in charge of making the tough calls—you might have to cut expenses, get rid of products, or toughest of all, fire a team member who isn’t doing their job. We’re not going to lie to you—it’s going to suck.

But at the end of the day, you’re in charge because you can handle a tough job. And better, at the end of the day, you’re the one who’s putting the good of the business first. It’ll take some courage, but once you dig a little and muster it up, you’ll be good to go. You got this, guys.

If you’ve got a tip or trick in mind that helped you learn how to efficiently run your salon, spa, or shop, we want to hear it! Drop a comment below and give your fellow beauticians, estheticians, cosmetologists, and more some serious need-to-know insight.

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