The Beauty Behind the Beauty Industry:

Why EBS Focuses on Sustainability & Philanthropy

When people think about the beauty industry—and the people behind it— their thoughts often turn to surface beauty. They think of gorgeous locks of hair, the best makeup in the game, lashes that could stop traffic, and skin that takes your breath away. And, of course, as beauty pros, all of those things (and more) are important.

But at Elite Beauty Society, we know that true beauty goes beyond what’s on the surface. True beauty is rooted in charitable giving, in taking care of our planet, and in caring for every fellow human being out there.

At EBS, true beauty isn’t skin deep—it’s embedded in the willingness to care for our communities, to proactively make changes, and to create a world that’s safe and loving for every single person.

That’s why we’ve spent years dedicating our focus toward getting involved, committing our efforts toward sustainability, and establishing a platform that can and will make a difference.

So, how exactly are we ensuring that we’re consistently focusing our attention, our hearts, and our platform on these things? By getting involved, getting passionate, and even putting our commitment where our mouth is.  

Sustainability is Key—EBS is Green

We’re committed to our beauty community, and we know that a commitment like that requires looking ahead, taking care of our earth, and doing our part to create a sustainable future for our planet.

To do so, we’re doing everything we can to minimize our impact on the environment.

We’re proud to be a certified green business (through the Green Business Bureau) and we’re committed to implementing small, daily changes to help us make a larger, more thoughtful impact on our environment. Currently, we implement practices like:

  • Recycling & Eliminating Unnecessary Paperwork—We’ve been committed from day 1 to deliver all documents digitally. In addition to our extensive recycling efforts—including buying recycled products to recycling all paper and plastics—we promise to remain paperless and ensure our processes are all digital.
  • Giving Back By Planting Trees—Every time someone buys an EBS policy or joins our community, we plant a tree with our friends at Trees for the Future. Thousands of trees have been planted thus far. You can even refer a friend to EBS to grow our program and plant more trees!
  • Funding Clean Water Programs—We’re proud to do this in partnership with the Paul Mitchell Schools FUNraising Campaign
  • Making a Commitment to Staying Green—Not only are we consistently re-shaping our efforts to remain green, but we’re also doing everything we can to be a resource for our team. We talk frequently about how you can go green in your own salon as well as prevalent eco-friendly trends in our industry.

Giving, Building Community, and Creating Opportunity—EBS Cares

But we know true beauty doesn’t just stop at caring for the world around us—we know it’s all about caring for the people around us, too.

We’re committed to getting involved, making a difference, and changing lives for our friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even strangers.

You know the unique platform we have as career beauty pros—people open up to us, they trust us, they speak honestly with us. It’s up to us to be proactive in this platform, to be a positive influence on everyone we come into contact with, and to be a source of change and a resource for knowledge for everyone we meet.

We’re proud to collaborate with other industry giants to give back in as many ways possible to the beauty community—a community that gives so, so much.

PBA Association Charities

We’re firm supporters and partners with the Professional Beauty Association Foundation which spearheads several charities. Among them include Cut it Out, an organization dedicated to helping support survivors of domestic abuse and educating styles to help clients; Disaster Relief Fund, organized to help beauticians in the event of an emergency or natural disaster; the COVID-19 Relief Fund, created to help beauty pros manage the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic; and Look Good Feel Better, an organization dedicating to helping support cancer patients and assist them with feeling beautiful inside and out.

Paul Mitchell FUNraising Campaign

We’re thrilled to be partners with Paul Mitchell Schools to help support students, alumni, learning leaders, and more as part of this annual campaign.

As part of this commitment, we donate 10% of each policy purchased by professionals to give to this cause—it supports beautiful charities like Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, CAST (The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking), Best Friends Animal Society, and other invaluable non-profit organizations.

Since its inception, the FUNraising campaign has raised over $21 million dollars and we’re honored to have been a part of that.

At the end of the day, we truly believe that the beauty of the industry goes far beyond the surface. It’s got less to do with the perfect hairstyle, the greatest skincare regimen, or the baddest lashes in the game.

Instead, we believe that the real beauty of the beauty industry is in the community. It’s in caring for our fellow beauticians, for your clients, for the earth, and for every human being out there.

Real beauty is about using your platform to make change, to show love, and to give back—and we’ll always (always) do everything we can to ensure that these are pillars for EBS. And we can’t do that without all of you.