Two black stylists laugh and discuss the best ways to celebrate Black History Monday in their salons.

Elite Beauty Society's Celebration of Black History Month  
A Month of Features Celebrating Black History Month  

As February rolls into our sights, we take time to reflect. Not just on the first month of the new year, our goals, and what we’ve accomplished–but on what’s coming up in February.

Trust us; it’s an important month ahead. 

February 1 marks the beginning of Black History Month, a month-long observance that celebrates Black people everywhere, Black achievements, and Black culture. Black History Month is about more than just remembering the past–it’s about honoring the future and recognizing the continued engagement with history to give context to the present. 

Black History Month is a big deal to us at Elite Beauty Society–and this year, we wanted to share it with you in a way that doesn’t just highlight what the month means, but rather, celebrates Black beauty professionals who have made their mark in our industry. 

Black History is a month for opportunity–and we wanted all our readers to understand that opportunity with a special, month-long feature that offers Black beauty professionals’ perspectives.

A stylist shows off her braiding skills in honor of Black History Month.

Celebrating Black-Owned Business Achievements in the Beauty Industry 

Why are we taking a beauty professional angle on Black History Month? For starters, because that’s what we do. As a company focused entirely on beauty professionals, we want to highlight the successful, ambitious, deserving people who have made their beauty dreams come true. But secondly, Black entrepreneurs and experts have made industry-changing impacts on the beauty business.

We invite you to read an important blog, Black Women Who Changed the Cosmetology Industry Forever

Click the link, take a peek, and come back to this blog for even more important insight!  

Stylists show off their intricate braids in honor of Black History Month.

Our EBS Black History Month Celebration: A Month of Features 

Now, let’s get to the good stuff by answering the major question–how is Elite Beauty Society planning to honor, celebrate, and commemorate Black History Month this year? 

By hearing from the achievers, dreamers, and entrepreneurs who make Black History Month possible! As we mentioned, we’re taking a beauty professional angle (that’s who we are!) and chatting with four of our very own EBS customers who have made an impact in the industry. 

Each Thursday of the month, we’ll be proudly sharing their stories, lives, and in-depth interviews to give you not only a better idea of who they are but also explain how they pay homage to Black History Month. 

These Black members of the EBS community have gone the extra mile in their beauty careers, sharing their experiences, passion, and knowledge with others. Whether through education, mentorship, or simply building up their community around them, each of these EBS members is pure excellence and the prime example of ambition, savvy, and community.

We’re honored to share these stories with you every week! Trust us; you won’t want to miss out on this advice, insight, and in-depth detail!

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Until then, you can find more ways to celebrate Black History month in our How to Support Black-Owned Beauty Businesses blog.