does your salon's insurance cover you

Does the Insurance that Your Salon Has Actually Cover You? 

Picture it.

You’ve finally found the perfect stylist job.

We’re talking a great salary. A great location. Benefits. Perks. The whole enchilada.  You love the company. You’re learning from some of the best in your industry. The clientele is diverse and wonderful. You’re finally in a place that makes you happy, makes you money, and will help skyrocket you and your career to exactly where you’ve dreamed it would be.

Then it hits you. Wait a second. What about liability insurance?

“Don’t sweat it,” your new employer tells you, “the salon has insurance—you’re totally covered.”

But are you?

Let’s be clear—we are not sitting here telling you that your awesome new employer has it out for you, doesn’t want you to be covered, or doesn’t genuinely have the best intentions for your career. What we are saying is that sometimes, generic, salon-wide insurance simply isn’t enough coverage for you.

The good news? Even if your salon’s coverage isn’t enough for you, that doesn’t mean you have to turn down that otherwise-perfect gig. You can get your own beauty professional liability insurance (for as little as $159 a year, too—but we’ll chill with that, we’re seriously not here to give you the hard sell).

Having professional liability is freakin’ huge—not only is it a nice little perk to have, but it’s also a genuine necessity in your industry (for a lot of reasons). Think about it—you’re working with sharp, sharp tools very, very close to someone’s head.

Yes, you’re a professional, and the likelihood of any damage happening is pretty slim to none, but guess what—you’re a human being, outside factors could influence a situation, and honestly, your client could even leverage a claim against you. Having your own beauty professional liability insurance—especially insurance you can legitimately trust to have your back—is a big deal.

If you’re not sure if your salon coverage actually covers you to the point that you need to be covered, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help figure it out!

The Need-to-Answ​er-ASAP Questions

The ultimate question here: does your salon’s insurance actually cover you the way you deserve to be covered?

That’s a big question. And undoubtedly, an overwhelming one, too. The best way to answer that big question?

Break it right down and do your research. 

Ask yourself some of these smaller questions first to see if you’re being covered the way you should be or if it’s time to get your own professional liability insurance.

  • Does Your Salon’s Insurance Cover Your Personal Legal Bills?

This is a big question to ask. It’s possible that your salon has general liability insurance that helps to cover the salon’s legal bills, representation, and more, but that doesn’t automatically mean that your legal bills, representation, and more will be covered. If you don’t know the answer to this question, check on it ASAP—you don’t want to wait to find out on this one (trust us, legal bills and representation are WILDLY expensive).

  • Does Your Salon’s Insurance Protect Your Job if a Client Leverages a Claim Against You?

So, maybe a client leverages a claim against your salon—undoubtedly, your salon’s insurance is definitely going to take care of this. But, what happens when a client leverages a claim against you specifically? Will the salon’s insurance protect you? Or just the salon?

  • Are You Paying Into the Salon​’s Insurance?

If you are paying into the salon’s insurance, it’s time to ask exactly what you’re paying for. Are you paying for the salon’s general insurance or are you paying into professional liability insurance that your salon set up for you? And if you’re not paying into insurance at your salon, you might want to start questioning that, too. If you’re not paying for insurance, are you really covered?

  • Do You Trust that the Salon Will Have YOUR Back Over What’s Best for the Salon?

The better question here is, who exactly does the salon insurance cover? Or even better, who exactly is the salon insurance watching out for? The answer is (most likely) the salon. And that makes sense, right? We’re not saying that the big bad salon doesn’t want to protect you, but we are saying that a salon’s insurance is set up specifically to protect the salon—which is what it’s literally designed to do. So, when considering insurance, this is one of the biggest questions you can ask—who exactly is being specifically protected by the salon insurance?

  • Does You S​alon’s Insurance Cover ALL of your services? 

Does the salon insurance cover your coloring services? How about your cutting and trimming services? What about your perms, relaxers, and more? Ask the salon exactly what their general insurance covers. If it’s not every single service you offer, it’s probably not the best form of liability for you. In addition to general liability insurance, you also need professional and product liability insurance as a beauty pro. Does your salon offer this total coverage?

  • Does Your Salon’s Insurance Get You Tons of Additional, Free Benefits?

Okay, okay—we know this one isn’t like the biggest deal ever (that’s why it’s the last question on the list), but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that your professional liability insurance through EBS comes with like, an insane amount of free member benefits that you actually want (no, we’re not about to send you 10 EBS pens that you’ll never use).

We’re talking an immediate certificate, instant coverage, product and tool discounts, stolen equipment coverage, identity theft protection, a free subscription to one of our five industry publications, free eBooks & educational resources, a weekly newsletter, and more.