Does Beauty Insurance Cover Microblading?

A Guide on Specific Cosmetology Liability Insurance

Microblading. It’s one of the most lucrative cosmetology services on the scene right now—and it’s also one of the most exciting services that professionals like you can offer.

This unique and specialized service can get you a whole new set of clients, open brand new doors for your career, and make you quite a bit of money, too (which is always a plus, right?). It’s also a genuinely fun, exciting service to learn, train for, and offer once you become a pro.

The only catch about microblading we think you should be hyper-aware of?

It’s not always a standard service covered by your run-of-the-mill insurance policies and companies.

In other words, you might need to really read the fine print of your insurance policy before you go ahead and take up this new service—unless, of course, you have EBS (then you’re covered, but we’ll get to that later).

Our advice? Read this article—then consult your current insurance policy to double-check that you’ve got the coverage you need to tack this highly sought-after service onto your repertoire.

Does All Beauty Insurance Cover Microblading? The Ugly Truth About Beauty Insurance 

We’re going to start this off kind of bold and just give you an outright answer—no.

While it’s true that some cosmetology liability insurance will cover some unique services you provide as a cosmetologist, it’s important to realize that most insurance companies won’t cover your microblading service unless it’s absolutely specified.

 For example, at Elite Beauty Society, we totally cover microblading in our cosmetology insurance policy. And we also cover about 350+ other cosmetology services, too (you can learn more about that here).

But just because we offer microblading insurance that follows you no matter where you go (in a client’s home, at a salon suite, at a trade show, etc.), doesn’t mean that every other insurance policies will.

Our advice?

Do your research. A blanket policy is unlikely to protect you from specific and specialized services like microblading.

And that makes sense, right? Microblading is an entirely different service than nail design, hair styling, or esthetics. It deserves (and needs) its own type of coverage to offer you and your clients optimal protection.

At the risk of tooting our own horn, we’ll offer you a second piece of advice—check out our next-level microblading insurance options alongside our other cosmetology coverage (seriously, did we mention we cover over 350 types of unique services?).

The more covered you are (especially for your specialized services) the better off you’ll be. Just trust us on this one.

Why Do I Need Microblading Liability Insurance?

To sum it up, because being a cosmetologist—especially one who uses sharp tools, BTW—comes hand-in-hand with some inherent risk that, without the proper coverage, could fall directly on your own shoulders.

We don’t say this to scare you or make you think you’re bound to deal with something so unpleasant as someone suing you, rather, we’re telling you to prepare you and give you a quick dose of reality.

You need microblading insurance for a lot of unique reasons, but here are a few that we believe are super important to address:

  • General Liability: Someone walks into your microblading studio, slips, falls, and sprains a wrist. Is it your fault? Probably not—but that doesn’t mean you can’t be responsible for the repercussion. We know, we know—this accident has literally nothing to do with microblading at all. But as a cosmetologist, you need to be covered for anything that happens within your studio space—and making sure you’re covered as a microblading expert means having this type of insurance on your side.
  • Professional Liability: Even the most professional microbladers make mistakes—and whether that’s in the service provided or results in an injury, it’s crucial to be covered if something goes awry. In other cases, you may do nothing wrong at all—someone just accuses you of such. Having proper microblading coverage ensures that you’re covered against these instances, actual or alleged.
  • Product Liability: Maybe your client has a reaction to a product you used or recommended. Obviously, this isn’t a result of your service but rather a reaction your client has based on a client’s allergy to something you used (that you probably weren’t aware of in the first place). Without coverage, you’re likely paying for the damages, medical care, and repercussions of that breakout. Or you’re paying for the legal team that’s proving it wasn’t your fault in the first place. Either way, it’s going to be expensive to clear your name.

We hope this advice and insight gave you a peek into the total necessity of microblading insurance. While we hope you never need to use it, we do want to make sure you’re covered correctly in case a situation ever arises.

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