Cut It Out

The Beauty Community Against Domestic Abuse

The Professional Beauty Association joins the movement to take a stand against domestic abuse. Every day, people in our communities deal with domestic abuse and violence that feels inescapable.

But it doesn’t have to be. As a stylist, esthetician, or professional in the beauty industry, you’re in a unique position that puts you face-to-face with people who trust you, open up to you, and feel safe with you. That opportunity doesn’t happen easily and it certainly doesn’t happen often.

That means that, as a professional in the industry, it’s up to you to ensure that you’re properly equipped and trained to help your clients whenever possible—especially when they’re dealing with a dangerous, violent, and potentially deadly situation.

Cut it Out, a program from the Professional Beauty Association that’s devoted to fighting the epidemic of domestic abuse in the United States, believes that stylists just like you can make a difference and help ensure that domestic abuse stops at the chair.

What is Cut it Out? Everything You Need to Know About PBA’s Program

Cut it Out is a program established by the Professional Beauty Association that is dedicated and determined to mobilize salon, spa, and shop professionals, students, and beyond to fight the epidemic of domestic abuse in the communities across the United States.

The purpose of Cut it Out is to ensure beauticians, stylists, and beauty industry professionals just like you are educated and properly trained to save lives and make invaluable changes in someone’s life.

How? By building awareness of domestic abuse through materials that are displayed in salons, training professionals just like you to recognize warning signs and safely refer clients, and fighting for the “Give the Power Back” initiative to involve salons like yours in helping with local domestic violence agencies.

Cut it Out’s main goals are to help professionals just like you learn how to properly:

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of domestic abuse
  • Respond to victims using discreet and empathetic techniques
  • Refer victims to the right, professional safety resources

As stylists and professionals in the beauty industry, we have a unique and ideal opportunity to pin down when something simply isn’t right with our clients. Even if a client doesn’t know how or is too scared to explain it, because we’re face-to-face and highly involved with our clients, we’re given the chance to recognize when something is wrong, and better, awarded the opportunity to help make it right. 

Salons, oftentimes, are one of the only places a victim might feel safe enough to share what’s happening in a confidential way—and if that happens, knowing how to deal with that and what steps to take can make a difference that could save someone’s life.

How You Can Get Involved

Even if you’re only able to get involved in a small way, tiny changes add up and can make a real, meaningful difference that matters.

Here are a few ways that you and your salon can join forces with Cut it Out—participate in one, two, or all of them. No matter what, you’re making a difference in someone’s life by joining the fight against domestic violence.

Schedule Training

Knowing the right way to recognize signs and refer clients is one of the most crucial things every professional should know in the fight against domestic violence. Schedule a training with Cut it Out for yourself, for your school, for your salon, or for a beauty event. The more you know, the more you can help. Contact Rachel for more information at

Order the Right Materials

Display free awareness materials from Cut it Out to help your salon clients know they’re in a safe space and you’re able to help them if they need it. Order materials like posters, window clings, and take-away cards here.

Fundraise, Fundraise, Fundraise

Drive change and empower your community by hosting a fundraiser where the proceeds go to Cut it Out. Not only can you raise money for the cause, but you can also use this opportunity to get the word out about how Cut it Out can help victims of domestic violence in your community. By doing this, you’re giving victims the chance to let their voices be heard. Register here!


If you’re able to donate to the cause, then people, go do it right here, right now. The money you send (the amount is totally up to you) is directly used to support the efforts of Cut it Out to end domestic abuse and continue to offer the program and materials to stylists like you free of charge so you can help take a stand against domestic violence and abuse.

By donating, you’re ensuring that Cut it Out can keep the charge and you’re helping to guarantee that more trained professionals are out there in the world doing everything they can to ensure that domestic violence stops at the chair.

Become a Cut it Out Trainer

You can become a Cut it Out Trainer who helps educate others on how to properly advocate for domestic violence victims. Visit schools, salons, and other approved locations to conduct seminars that provide information on how to best handle domestic violence and properly respond to a victim. Check out information right here to learn how to become a trainer.

Looking to get involved but not sure where to start? Don’t sweat it—reach out to us, leave us a comment, or shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you to collaborate on ways that you can help take a stand against domestic violence in your community right now.

For more information on charities and programs like this led by establishments like the Professional Beauty Association, keep up with EBS’ regularly updated blog, we’re proud to continually work with foundations that are making positive changes in our community (and we’ll be sure to share that information with you every step of the way so you can get involved, too).

If you, someone you know, or a client is in an abusive relationship, it’s important to know this—you’re not alone. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline now (1-800-799-7233(SAFE)).