Taking Your License On The Road And Providing Mobile Services

 Can Double Your Monthly Income As A Beauty Professional

You’re probably thinking, what exactly are mobile services and why would I want to do them?

The truth is busy people like convenience and convenience can pay cold hard cash.

Many stylists are too busy behind the chair to market for weddings, network on their own, stay up to date on their website/social and maintain their sanity all at the same time.

That’s why, mobile providers have now made it easy for beauty professionals over to have access to hundreds of potential clients nearby at the tip of their fingertips. 

Mobile services consist of services performed on-site for the client. This can include hairstyling, makeup applications, and wedding services.

Did you know that when signing up as a mobile stylist you can set your on and off schedule?

Pure creative freedom, but how do you know which one is the best option for you?

We had the chance to interview—beGlammed, one of the leaders in mobile providers.

Here’s what they shared about how they contribute to their beauty professional’s success.

Beauty Services Offered

Offering variety is very important, however, it is also important to make it as clean and hassle free for beauty professionals who are on the go.

Who wants to carry loads of color or risk the mess of a color application? Nobody.

For example, beGlammed offers the following services for a hassle-free process for both the stylist and the client.

Hair: Blowouts + style, dry styling, and updos.

Makeup: Makeup application, airbrush makeup + false lashes, and makeup touchup.

Nails: Manicure, gel manicure, pedicure and gel pedicure.

Wedding services: Group bookings for any hair + makeup services. Bridal parties have the option to choose a la carte services or book by the hour. 

This range of services offers the professional a variety that can increase revenue yet limit product cost. It also allows beauty professionals whether in hair, makeup or nails to create a unique experience for their guests in the comfort of their own space.

Win, win!

Always research what services mobile providers offer to clients and determine if they align with your niche.

Events & Business Needs for the Professional

When it comes to choosing a mobile provider, asking questions is key. It is crucial to understand how they build their presence in the industry and what other support services are offered through their membership.

Beauty professionals should seek mobile providers that are heavily involved with events and marketing. This can create a better platform to showcase your creativity.

beGlammed shares that their broad networking platform allows their beauty professionals to showcase their work in front of celebrities and top industry icons. They are heavily involved with VIP and corporate events with brands such as Nike, NARS, Too-Faced, and R+Co.

“So much of our business is more than skill, it’s personality match-making. Your online and in-person branding needs to represent your style, attitude, customer-delivery and overall presentation.”

—Maile Pacheco, Founder of beGlammed.

Ask questions such as:

  • How do you promote your brand?
  • What kind of events does your company participate in?
  • What are your annual marketing efforts, how can I showcase my work?

stylist doing wedding hair

Taking Care Of You, The Professional

In addition to making sure your mobile provider of choice has a great support system and offers a plethora of opportunities, you as the beauty professional should always ask what the mobile provider does to make the business aspect of your creative career easier.

beGlammed takes care of their stylists by taking care of billing needs and offering an exclusive price on Elite Beauty Insurance for their beauty pros.

This can reduce start up costs and reduce the headache of having to do your own accounting.

Regardless of where your freelance career takes you with the mobile provider of your choice, staying insured can also mean staying in business.