Your Guide to Creating a

Menu of Money-Making Services 

You’ve probably already got a kickass list of salon services that you’re steady offering your clients on the reg—but ask yourself, do every single one of these offerings bring home as much bacon as you wish?

If you’ve got a few less-than-profitable services taking up space on your menu, it might be time to cut back, pare down, and reevaluate your current offerings.

What we mean is, it might be time to give that service menu a monkey-making makeover.

Listen, we get it—it’s crucial to stay up to snuff when it comes to offering trendy services.

And often, those types of services will end up being your big money makers once they’re rooted into the industry. 

That’s another reason why it’s so important to consistently analyze your service menu and see how you could improve it.

So, if you’re ready to come up with a list of money-making services that are sure to rake in the profits, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can take your current service menu to a whole new level!

How to Create a Go-To List of Guaranteed, Money-Making Services

Keep it Classic

If you want to guarantee you’re going to bring in clients, you’ll need to focus on not getting too fancy.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying you shouldn’t pay attention to the latest trends and fads, but we do think it’s so important to keep “winners” on the menu so you’ll always have a draw.

Whether this means always keeping trims and bang adjustments on your list or ensuring you never lose toning sessions from your go-to repertoire, it’s important to nail down a list of your classic services that you know your clients come to you for.

Referral & Loyalty Programs For the Win

Want to know the secret to making great, no-hassle money?

Keep your established clients coming back. Seriously, this is such a clutch business approach.


Because it costs way more time, money, and energy to draw in and attract new clients than it does to keep the regulars established and happy.  

Set up amazing referral and loyalty programs for your clients so you can encourage them to come back again and again while enticing them to bring along new clients without any extra effort or expense on your part.

Know What Your Clients Want

This advice might be a bit on the intangible side, but it’s an important factor to consider when coming up with your list of services that are guaranteed to bring in the cash flow.

You can’t create a menu of services that will sell with your clients every single time if you don’t know what your clients want in the first place.

Our advice? Do whatever it takes to figure this out.

Consult with your clients directly, create surveys in exchange for services, collaborate with your colleagues—do whatever is needed to find out what your clients are consistently after, then add that to your service list.

Create Special Deals

Want to keep your clients coming back for more?

Hoping for a cash-cow service that always brings home the bacon?

Try combining some of your top-sellers into one, killer deal to get more out of each client’s visit.

Are you known for your classic cuts and for your brow shaping skills? Combine them!

Do clients rave about your lash perming services and your eyebrow waxing?

Create a duo-special that offers clients both (or more) at a discounted price!

These types of services aren’t gimmicks—they’re offering your clients real, tangible benefits and bringing in more money for a similar amount of time, energy, and effort.  

Are you picking up what we’re putting down?

We thought so.

It’s time to take your service menu to the next level with our tips, tricks, and advice. In the market for more helpful information?

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