The Top Cosmetology Trade Shows & Expos to Attend in 2022

Your Intro Guide to Picking the Perfect Expo

Whether you’re a trade show pro or are totally new to expos (but looking to get acquainted), we’ve got good news for you—2022 is the comeback year for in-person tradeshows!

In 2021, we saw a return to trade show season, but with a few caveats.

A lot of cosmetology expos and conventions were held virtually or hybrid (with some events in-person and some online).

This year, though, we’re looking at a big jump back into the way things were before 2020—but better, of course.

If you know anything about Elite Beauty Society, then you probably know we’ve got a serious obsession with cosmetology trade shows, expos, and conventions.

We’re so obsessed you can catch us at several this year. But listen, this article isn’t about us—it’s about you.

We’re dropping all of our cosmetology trade show knowledge on you to ensure that you can pick the perfect convention to attend this year—or perfect conventions (why should you have to choose just one, right?).

Take a peek at the list below and get a quick summary of which trade shows speak to you! Then, mark ‘em down on your calendar, folks, because these events deserve a permanent space in your planner.

Get ready to flip, cosmetologists—we’re dropping the top tradeshows you must attend in 2022.

Trade Shows—What’s the Big Deal?

Not sure what a trade show is?

Thinkin’ that trade shows and expos sound super boring?

We’re holding back the urge to get sassy (because TBH there’s nothing we love more than tradeshows).

If you’re truly new to the trade show game and you’re not totally sure what the situation is, don’t sweat it. We’ve laid out a few need-to-know details about what trade shows are and why they matter.

First things first, let’s talk about what you’ll get from most trade shows:

  • All kinds of deals and discounts on new products
  • Sneak peeks that the general public might not know about just yet
  • Tons of networking opportunities to meet new friends and colleagues
  • Mixers, concerts, events, and vacation-level fun
  • Mentorships and meet ‘n’ greets with your heroes in the industry
  • A few days of all kinds of fun and learning opportunities
  • Classes and hands-on experience with the best teachers in the industry

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Tack on the fact that trade shows are actually just a ton of fun, full of free stuff, and can help you get certified for new skills and you can probably see why we love it so much, right?

We figured as much.

So, now that you’ve got a good picture of what we’re talkin’ about, check out these events and see what’s on the schedule.

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The Must-Attend Cosmetology Trade Shows in 2022

We’ve cultivated a little list we think you should take a peek at. Our advice? Don’t stop here. Let your research take you further to find the perfect-for-you tradeshow—because trust us, it exists!

The Makeup Show 2022

Influential artists, loads of education, and tons of shopping opportunities in an intimate setting—that’s what The Makeup Show is here to bring to the windy city. The good news? There are three other opportunities to attend this expo in NYC (April 27-29 and May 1-2) and California (October 1-2).

Premiere Orlando 2022

One of the biggest cosmetology trade show events in the country, this Florida-based international beauty event is one convention you won’t want to miss.

America’s Beauty Show

Flourish, unite, network, and navigate at ABS, one of the premier beauty conventions in the United States. With education, opportunities, networking, events, speakers, and so much more, this expo is a can’t-miss event!

International Beauty Show

Rejuvenate. Redefine. Re-engage. This experiential event is all about empowering you and your deep passion for beauty!

International Esthetics, Cosmetics, & Spa Conference

Happening at the same time as IBS Las Vegas, the IECSC is a must for estheticians and cosmetologists focused on spa services and treatments. The whole mission of the conference? To bring well-being back to the main stage of cosmetology!

Cosmoprof North America

A must-attend conference, Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) is the leading B2B beauty exhibition in the Americas. Considered the launching pad for new beauty brands and technologies, this is the spot for all cosmetologists who want to be on the cutting-edge of new trends.

The best part about this list? It’s just the beginning.

There are hundreds of must-attend expos happening across the country (and across the globe, BTW) that you should look into.

From smaller, class-focused expos to enormous conventions for cosmetologists across the world, there are tons of expos to choose from. You’ve just gotta pick your faves!

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