Cosmetology Social Media Guide: 

What Your Content Should Look like Across Your Platforms

Being a kickass cosmetologist is tough—running kickass cosmetology social media platforms I (arguably) tougher. It probably all depends on who you ask, right?

But seriously, figuring out the ups and downs of coming up with appealing and compelling content for your social media platforms can be a serious pain—and it only gets more complicated when you add in posting strategies, audiences, and what’s considered social media best practices.

The toughest part about all of this stuff?

There is so much information out there it is impossible to know what’s right, wrong, or totally terrible advice. The good news? We’re here to help you.

It’s our mission to simplify and streamline the social media thing for you. Because all that info floating around the web could do more harm than good for your social media platforms.

This blog is all about teaching you how to strip down everything you know about social media and simplifying what’s “good and bad” about content.

The key? Looking at these top three factors.  

The Three Factors to Consider When Creating Social Media Content

The best advice we could possibly offer you? Don’t overthink it to death.

Obviously, we don’t mean avoid being creative and compelling with your content, but we do mean that sometimes putting too much pressure on something can strip the fun right out of it.

That’s why we’re here with this reminder—there’s no wrong way to go about social media, especially if you keep these three factors in mind.

Brand Identity Above All

All social media should affirm a positive yes when you ask this question—does this content align with my brand’s identity?

Not sure what your brand identity is, welp, that’s your first step, then. As a business, your brand identity is literally everything—it’s what sets you apart, identifies you among the crowd, and expresses what your values and guidelines are.

Finding your brand identity can be tough, but it’s a crucial part of establishing your business—and it’s even more crucial for your social media identity. Our advice? First, focus on finding yourself as a business—then build that brand and brand identity from the ground up.

Only then can you start really crushing it when it comes to social media. Why? Because your social media platforms should never not focus on your brand, your vision, and your mission—everything you post should align with this.

Your Audiences' Needs Come Second

Your brand identity should lead the charge when it comes to social media content. But ultimately, your social media platforms also need to act as an informative, educational epicenter that answers questions and meets your audiences’ needs.

Sure, you should post pretty pictures and badass examples of your cosmetology skills, but you need to understand the opportunity your platform offers you—a direct way to communicate with your clients (both the brand-new ones and the established ones).

Social media is a great place to post need-to-know updates, hourly changes, employee introductions, missions and goals, deals and discounts, and so much more.

Answer questions, address your audiences’ needs clearly, and make your platform an educational area that provides people with what they need to know in a simplified, streamlined way.

Don’t Forget Your Audiences’ Wants

Your cosmetology social media platform should answer questions and provide info—but it also needs to be fun. Always (!!) consider your audience’s wants when it comes to social media content.

This can mean fun pictures, how-to videos, transformation posts, behind-the-scenes content, and anything else that just sounds fun, compelling, and amazing. Make it funky, funny, and make it you—never be afraid to showcase your own personality.

Give your audience what they want to see, not just what they need to see!

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