Cosmetology School Tips, Guidance, & Insight 

Your EBS Guide to Cosmetology School 

There’s a lot to learn at cosmetology school—that part is probably clear.

But did you know that there’s actually a lot to learn about cosmetology school?

AKA, stuff to learn about it before you even start?

It’s true.

The knowledge doesn’t start when your semester does.

There’s a ton to figure out and learn about before you even decide which cosmetology school to attend!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to overwhelm you—we just want you to know that cosmetology school can be challenging, tough, expensive, hard to get into, and even difficult to balance with the rest of your life’s responsibilities.

The good news?

It’s worth it.

And with a few tweaks, hacks, and tips, you can make the most out of this experience.

How? We’re so glad you asked!

The Elite Beauty Society team has laid out a must-read guide below to give you the gotta-have deets and tried-and-true cosmetology school hacks that we think every single soon-to-be-beauty-pro should know!

Want to learn these tips? Don’t delay—get to reading ASAP!

Helpful Cosmetology School Tips Every Soon-to-be-Cosmetologist Should Know

Seek Out Scholarships

We’re not going to lie to you, cosmetology school can be pricey! But here’s another fact—it doesn’t have to drain your bank account, either.

We’re not saying this to convince you to opt for a more affordable program over another, and we’re def not saying that you should expect it to be affordable at every turn either. What we are saying is that money doesn’t have to stand in your way.


With scholarships, grants, financial aid, and work programs that can help put you through your perfect-fit cosmetology school.

Yes, these scholarships and grants do exist.

Did you know that most cosmetology schools have information on how to obtain scholarships and grants from their school?

Did you know that there are plenty of independent scholarships out there engineered to help out aspiring cosmetologists like you?

All of this is true—all it takes is a little insight and probably a lot of Google searching.

But if you try hard enough, you’re sure to find something that’s a good fit for you and can get you to the school you want to attend.

Invest in Liability Insurance (& Ask for Student Pricing)

Want to know a high-quality tip for making beauty school more enjoyable, more palatable, and less nerve-wracking?

Liability insurance.

Yep, students need liability insurance, too! In fact, students are a little more likely to make substantial mistakes than professionals who have been cosmetologists for a long time (not always, of course, but as a general rule).

Choosing top-notch liability insurance is something you should do from the moment you enroll in  cosmetology school until your last day on the job.

And of course, any insurance partner worth their salt is going to offer you special rates because of your student status.

Opt for Elite Programs

Not every program is created equally—and that’s just a fact. Sometimes, prioritizing elite programs and cosmetology schools can help you take your career further.

Consider applying for programs like Beacon 2022, an elite program for students that provides top beauty school students with the opportunity to be mentored by leading industry influencers and create connections with owners from the most prestigious salons and shops across the U.S.

Attend Expos, Events, Trade Fairs, Conventions, & More

A lot of beauty pros don’t consider attending these types of events until they’re “professionals,” but we have one question—why?

These events are for everyone!

From seasons pros to newbies, almost all of these events welcome just about everyone and they are stellar opportunities for growth, experience, product knowledge, networking, mentorship, and beyond!

So, tuck that shyness away and do something bold—attend an expo or two this year!

Alter That Attitude

If you enroll in beauty school and know from the start that it’s going to be tough but worth it, then you’re already leaps and bounds ahead of where you need to be.

Yes, beauty school is going to be rough—but it’s an opportunity unlike another.

Once you accept and embrace that you’re embarking on a never-ending quest for knowledge, skills, and creativity, you’ll be in the best position to learn and grow!

Buddy Up

We’re not going to lie—there are going to be parts of beauty school that are wicked hard.

 Cosmetology school is no walk in the park and it’s the challenges that are going to make you a better beauty pro in the end, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be discouraging from time to time.

Our best advice?

Team up with an accountability partner for encouragement, study help, and hands-on experience.

Be a rock for your accountability buddy and find someone who will do the same for you. With a little support, your experience can be totally different!

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