A stylist gives her client a blowout, a safe procedure that's made safer by having cosmetology liability insurance.

Why is Cosmetology Liability Insurance Important for Beauty Pros?   

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When it comes to running your beauty biz, you’re pretty much a pro, right? You know your bottom line, you know what your customers love, and you know continuing education and non-stop evolution is the key to it all. Sounds like you’ve got it all pretty much covered, yeah?

We’re glad to hear it. We’ve just got one question for you–what’s your cosmetology liability insurance policy like?

For beauty pros out there who are rolling their eyes at us (yep, we’re an insurance company, you know you’re going to get the spiel), we encourage you to pay attention. We’re not just here to dish the details of our policy to you–we’re here to make sure that you know just how important cosmetology liability insurance is for you, your career, and your future.

What’s the big deal about cosmetologist insurance? We’re glad you asked. This blog is here to cover it all in detail so you can get a better look at why and how much this matters!

Why is Cosmetology Liability Insurance Important?

Oh, let us count the ways.

Look, we get that when we talk about liability insurance and cosmetology liability insurance, it’s going to come off a little biased–we know that we’re an insurance company, OK?

But we’re so committed to making sure you’re protected the right way we’re not even going to bug you to sign up with us. If you want exclusive member benefits, reliable coverage, and affordable rates to meet you where you’re at financially, then, like yeah, you probably want to give us a shot.

But if it’s between no coverage at all and coverage somewhere else–we’re always going to tell you to invest in coverage to protect yourself, your career, and your future.

So, why is cosmetologist liability insurance so important? Here are our top reasons.

It Covers You in the Event of an Alleged or Accidental Incident

AKA, something doesn’t even have to go wrong for someone to claim that something went wrong. Yep, people lie–and if you’re not covered, everything that goes into proving someone lied is going to be on you.

More importantly, if something does actually happen, you’ve got someone on your side to help sort through everything. From financial support to litigation help to in-depth details on how to handle claims, liability insurance is a key piece to the puzzle of keeping your career protected.

The Costs Don’t Fall Solely on You

If something happens and an allegation is filed against you, an insurance policy is going to help you cover the costs involved in sorting through everything.

Without an insurance policy, you’re the only stuck paying for the costs of damages, litigation, and repercussions. Accidents and allegations happen–and unfortunately, no matter the outcome, they’re expensive to deal with. Having a policy backing you is going to relieve the financial burden of most (if not all) of those costs.

This salon is protected by top-notch cosmetology liability insurance.

It’s an Investment That Protects Your Future

Many people look at liability insurance like it’s just another monthly cost. There’s no denying that liability insurance costs money.

But just because something costs something doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Investments cost you money–and liability insurance is, at its core, the best investment you can make in your business, your future, and yourself.

In order to protect everything that comes next, you need your reputation, your finances, and your longevity intact. One allegation can change all of that. Investing in liability insurance can ensure that you’re taken care of if and when something unplanned, unpleasant, or unlikely happens.

Insurance Protects Your Employees

Most insurance policies worth their salt will allow for additional insureds on your policy–that means you can add on people to fall under your insurance policy’s umbrella.

While it’s always recommended that your employees carry their own insurance to protect themselves, providing them with protection under your policy is a phenomenal way to ensure they’re taken care of and covered if things get tricky.

Do you have liability insurance? If you’re hunting for the perfect coverage, we can help. At Elite Beauty Society, we know a thing or two about going above and beyond for our team–that means our coverage is made for professionals within your specific industry. Check out what we can do for you at Elite Beauty Society.

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