The Cosmetologist SEO Guide  
What You Should Know About SEO in 2022

At this point in your career—even if you’re just starting out, TBH—you’ve probably heard the term SEO before.

We’re making this assumption for a few reasons.

First, we’re living in a very digital age where everything we do is somehow intersecting with the online world.

Secondly, you’re probably pretty familiar with the dramatic shift in marketing and how that’s rapidly changed over the last decade.

If you’re somehow unaware of this shift, we’ll sum it up in just a few words: everything is all about digital marketing now.

This includes social media, sure, but it’s really about your entire online presence.

And your entire online presence doesn’t exist with one, important word: SEO.

Feeling stressed because all of this sounds new to you?

Don’t sweat it. Just start here, our SEO 101 Guide—this is our introductory blog that’s going to give you a leg-up on the SEO basics.

Learn about the definition of SEO, how you can start recognizing it in your daily online activities and searches, and importantly, why it matters so darn much.

Still want to beef up on your SEO knowledge before you tackle this 2022 guide?

Take a peek at our article about the best SEO practices every cosmetologist should know.

This is going to start getting you ready for the upcoming SEO duties that you’re planning to diligently take on. Consider it another intro to get things rolling.

If you’re starting with those pieces, don’t forget to come back here—this is where we’ll give you the latest and greatest updates to SEO stuff you should know in 2022.

The Top 2022 Cosmetologist SEO Tips You Should Know

Incorporating these tips is the first step toward transforming your 2022 cosmetologist SEO strategy. But know this—it’s just the start.

Stop Seeing SEO as a Static Strategy  

This is an abstract tip—we’ll have some more concrete ones below—but if we could offer one, best piece of advice for you and your 2022 approach to SEO, it would be this one.

SEO is always changing. This constant evolution demands attention and persistence—just ask the SEO experts.

Get cozy with the fact that you will never know everything about SEO at any given moment.

The algorithms are always changing, the way we search for things is always being updated, and TBH, we don’t have any control over how search engines function, anyway.

You’ll need to be OK with taking on SEO as an ever-changing process that’s going to take constant work.

So, like with anything in cosmetology, you need to be open and ready to continue on your path to learning—basically forever.  

Mobile-Friendly is More Important Than Ever

In 2022, the increasing trend of mobile-first is proving to be on the ever-rising upswing. It’s always been important that your website is mobile-friendly, but now it’s a top priority.

Why? Because about 80% of users are surfing the web on mobile phones. And by 2025, it’s said that 75% of users will access the internet only by their mobile phones.

The trend is rising, you need to be ready to meet it.

Quality Content Still Rules

Shoving keyword-stuffed content up on your website is never going to work—and in 2022, SEO trends are deviating even further from this.

What does this mean for your site?

Quality content that answers questions, hits notable keywords, and checks the box of what someone is actually looking up is still going to win the day.

In short, keyword stuffing never (never) works—quality content (blogs, website content, and beyond) will always bring home the bacon.

And So Does Long-Form Content

We used to live in a digital SEO world where long-form content means anything in the realm of 800 words—that’s no longer the case in 2022.

Now, long-form content falls more in the ballpark of 2,000-3,000 words for digital pieces—that means the pressure is on to provide quality, long-form content to gain your place at the top of the search results.

Long-form content affords you the possibility to build better link building, access opportunities for social media sharing, have higher reliability if you do things right, and get higher visibility.

Your Website (Still) Needs to Be Optimized

Have a professional do a full-scale audit of your website to find the cracks in your system that might be smothering your success.

At the end of the day, a lot about SEO will change dramatically, but an optimized website that loads quickly, provides quality information, and is easy to navigate and use is always going to rank higher than a website that doesn’t do these things.

Video Needs to be Part of Your SEO Plan

Video platforms have absolutely exploded in the last few years. Aside from existing just to make us feel old, these platforms have done something incredible—turned video into the preferred medium.

Now, it’s important to take advantage of that for marketing and SEO purposes.

That means you should also be working on optimized video content as a large part of your 2022 SEO strategy.

Not sure where to start here? Take to the internet. Research this subject as much as you can because this is the next big thing and you won’t want to miss it.

Refresh Old Content—Stat

It’s easy to hit publish on your content (video, photos, graphs, blogs, etc.) and then never think about it again.

To some degree, this isn’t the worst offense ever since evergreen content can always work in your favor.

But at some point, your content is going to become irrelevant—updating your old content is the easiest way to keep your digital presence fresh and keep your site at the top of the search results.

See? SEO doesn’t have to be all that bad, especially when you’ve got a little guidance.

Our best advice is this—if the SEO thing doesn’t click with you (after you’ve tried, of course) and you have the budget, opt for an SEO specialist to help you optimize your online presence. That’s how important this is to your cosmetology success.

Need more insight and guidance along your SEO—and cosmetology—journey? Hang with us.

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