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Top Esthetician Insurance Options Compared

We’ll take a look at how top esthetician insurance options compare in the ultimate head-to-head beauty matchup. We’ll take information from ASCP Skincare, Insure Bodywork, NACAMs, Hands-on Trade, and Next Insurance and see how those all stack up to Elite Beauty Society. 

Why put our competitors' info right on our site? So that you can see all your choices in one easy spot, saving a lot of back and forth clicking, and making it easier for you to make the best decision for your own unique journey. Because, hey, supporting beauty pros every way we can is just what we do. 

ASCP Insurance for Estheticians

First on our list is Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP). ASCP offers professional liability insurance, education, community, and career support, according to their website. ASCP repeatedly states they are the only organization offering this blend, but our comparison shows that most of the big competitors out there provide a similar list of benefits in addition to liability insurance. 

ASCP is currently led by Executive Director Tracy Donley who lists 20 years of experience in the large corporate leadership sphere. ASCP also places a large emphasis on partnering with esthetic schools with several members of the executive team solely dedicated to this function. ASCP publishes their own flagship magazine with the ASCP Skin Deep periodical.

With esthetician insurance, ASCP has a current rate of $259 per year for general, professional, and product liability. Their limits are $2 million per occurrence and $6 million aggregate. The coverage is portable across all 50 states and is an occurrence form type coverage—both are things you want to see with any policy. We could not locate any additional coverage or benefits listed on the ASCP site associated with purchasing this policy. 

What Insure Bodywork Has to Offer

Insure Bodywork’s website also refers to its offering as being from Beauty and Bodywork Insurance (BBI) with further mention that Veracity Insurance, LLC acts as the program administrator and general agent for BBI. Insure Bodywork offers coverage for a wide range of professionals including massage, acupuncture, energy work, and various beauty modalities. 

Coverage starts at $96 per year for professionals and $67 per year for students. General, professional, and product liability all have a $2 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate. Rental damage coverage with a $300,000 limit and personal and advertising injury coverage are also included. The benefits listed include 24/7 access to plan documents, instant coverage, and portability across states.  

Who is NACAMS in the Beauty Scene?

The National Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NACAMS) is a professional trade association providing general career support and the ability to access add-on insurance coverage after becoming a member for a wide range of modalities. NACAMS also supports a variety of philanthropic organizations pertinent to health and wellness including the Massage Therapy Foundation, the Yoga Health Foundation, and Trees for the Future. 

Through the NACAMS Insurance Plus program, members can get $2 million per occurrence and $3 million individual annual aggregate for general and professional liability, and $2 million in aggregate for product liability. Further protections include $100,000 in rental damage coverage, an identity protection plan, stolen equipment insurance, and a long list of member benefits. NACAMS prices for insurance start at $179 per year for professionals and $25 for a year of student coverage.  

Does Hands-On Trade Offer Esthetician Insurance?

Hands On Trade Association website states that they are a “membership association for professionals” primarily in the body and beauty work-related fields. Hands On was founded in 2000 and is currently led by Judi Calvert. Judi may be a familiar name as the Hands On “About Us” page states she was a co-founder of Massage Magazine back in 1985. 

Hands-On Trade insurance for estheticians starts at $154 per year and includes $2 million in professional and general liability per occurrence and $3 million in aggregate listed for general liability. Product liability is also included up to $2 million, as well as $100,000 in premises insurance which seems to be similar to the rental damage coverage provided by other insurance options. A student plan is also listed at $75 for a year of coverage. The benefits that are listed as included with membership include portability and instant coverage. 

How Next Insurance Compares

Next Insurance was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. Next Insurance offers the widest range of coverage with everything from general contractors to personal trainers having options. Their site states they have “tailored policies for thousands of professions”. The choices for insurance also abound with the ability to pick and choose which coverages you want to include. You can get general liability, workers’ compensation, professional liability, commercial auto, tools and equipment, commercial property, as well as a business owner’s policy. 

To obtain a quote for Next Insurance, you’ll need to fill out their online questionnaire and the final price will change depending on your location, selected coverage(s), and profession. The benefits they list on their site include instant proof of insurance, monthly payment options, a quick quote process, and a high level of service. 

Elite Beauty Society Esthetician Insurance

Ah last, but certainly not least in our head-to-head beauty insurance comparison, is our own offering. Elite Beauty Society began as Beauty Insurance Plus in 2015 but expanded the brand to offer an even greater level of support for all beauty professionals. Estheticians, cosmetologists, makeup artists, nail techs, and other professionals in beauty are the sole focus at Elite Beauty Society. There’s also options for salon owners and microblading professionals so everyone can enjoy great coverage at affordable rates. 

As far as rates, the current pricing for Elite Beauty Society esthetician insurance is $169 per year for one year of coverage or $139 per year if you buy a two-year policy up front. There’s also a students only plan which provides the same stout level of protection at a discounted rate of just $49 per year. 

Esthetician insurance from Elite Beauty Society comes ready to protect with $2 million per occurrence for general and professional liability and a $3 million aggregate for each. Product liability is also covered up to $2 million. There’s a host of additional protections including $100,000 in rental damage coverage, $25,000 worth of identity theft protection, and up to $1,000 in stolen and damaged equipment protection. 

The good doesn't stop there, as Elite Beauty throws in one of the best selections in our comparison of benefits you can use from day one. Curated content by accomplished beauty pros, discounts on top beauty products and services, a free website, and support through every stage of your career just to name a few! 

Our Beauty Insurance ‘Best of the Best’ Awards

Okay, with all of that information listed, you have gotten a pretty good overview of everything that top esthetician insurance providers offer so now let’s break it down category by category to see where our leaders are. 

  • Professional Insurance Rates (Lowest to Highest): Insure Bodywork - $96, Elite Beauty Society - $139 (2 year), Hands On Trade - $154, NACAMS - $179, ASCP - $259
  • Student Insurance Rates (Lowest to Highest): NACAMS - $25, Elite Beauty Society - $49, Insure Bodywork - $67, Hands On - $75  
  • Professional, General, and Product Liability Limits (Highest to Lowest): Tie all offer a $2 million per occurrence limit for these two coverages.
  • Rental Damage Coverage (Highest to Lowest): Insure Bodywork - $300,000, Elite Beauty Society - $100,000, NACAMS - $100,000, Hands On Trade - $100,000
  • Stolen/Damaged Equipment: Elite Beauty Society - $1,000, NACAMS - $1,000

Identity Protection Plan: Elite Beauty Society - $25,000, NACAMS - $25,000

In a nutshell, that’s the protection side of each offering. Another huge aspect of your insurance program is the value provided for the investment being made. While insurance is absolutely critical towards long term success, you may go an entire career without ever filing a claim. That’s where a plan's benefits can skyrocket the value you receive. 

Elite Beauty Society stands as one of the top programs in our comparison when we look at the benefits provided. In fact, the total value of the membership program stands at more than $1,000 all by itself. There’s whole libraries of curated content to help beauty pros succeed, free marketing and business tools, and a state-of-the-art member portal so every aspect of membership is always easy to use. After all, without the ease of access, it doesn’t matter how good a program is. 

Signing Up for Beauty Insurance, Online, In Minutes

Estheticians have enough going on in their day to worry about, let esthetician insurance be one thing you never have to with Elite Beauty Society having your back. Our plan is one of the best available in terms of the quality of coverage, value, and affordability all rolled into one. Our sole mission is to help beauty professionals succeed, and that’s all we focus on. We’re proud that hundreds of actual users have rated our program as Excellent on TrustPilot’s independent platform.