Choosing the Right Scheduling Software: What Every Cosmetologist Should Look For

The world of cosmetology is totally your domain.

When it comes to what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s the latest trend (and how to execute it), you’ve got it all figured out. Booking software?

Well, that part might not be your cup of tea, exactly. (If it is, more power to you!).

If you’re either too dang busy to do a ton of research or you truly don’t know what’s what in the booking software world, you’re in luck; this blog is here to provide you with some shortcut tips to make booking easier than ever!

The Top Considerations for Your Cosmetologist Booking Software

What all goes into choosing the best booking software for your salon, shop, or spa? Well, that’s really up to you! That being said, if you’re not sure where to start, this blog can be a little cheat sheet for some features you should be on the lookout for when choosing the best booking software.

Easy Data Management

Your booking software should make managing data easier, never harder. That means if you’re investing in a booking software that’s harvesting, storing, and analyzing data, the management process should be pretty seamless and easy to navigate.     

Remote / Mobile Access

The one thing lots of cosmetologists forget about is that not everything happens at the salon. If you need to access your platform, booking details, data, and beyond, it’s important that you figure out early on that remote access (or mobile access) is non-negotiable. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck using your primary piece of hardware to make changes and updates–and that might be located in the salon at all times!

Seamless Integration with Your Calendar Software

If you’re already running calendar software that you like using, you shouldn’t have to change it just to fit a new model of booking software. Make sure you’re choosing a booking software that naturally integrates with your calendar programs so that you do not have to learn an entirely new calendar program at the same time!

Reporting & Review Dashboards

You’re already using software to manage and collect data. Doesn’t it make sense to opt for software that analyzes that data and helps you make better business decisions? That’s what booking software with reporting and reviewing capabilities can do! With all the data you’re already collecting, you’ll get in-depth reports about how you’re booking, where you’re getting your clients, marketing statistics, and so much more.

Reminders & Notifications

You’re a killer stylist and a great business owner–but you can’t remember everything on your own. The good news?

You don’t need to when you invest in software that sends you reminders, notifications, and alerts for things like client appointments, new bookings, cancellations, marketing schedules, calendar changes, and so much more. If you’re looking at software that doesn’t include these sorts of features, we highly recommend quickly finding one that does. The

Easy to Use (For You and Your Client)

Above all, you want your software to be easy to use on both sides. Sure, you want to be able to navigate through your portal like a total pro, but you always want to make sure that however your customers book through the software is super seamless.

Remember, the fewer obstacles that stand in your clients' way, the more likely they are to book with you! Make this booking process as easy as possible.

The Top Two Scheduling Software (We Think) Cosmetologists Should Consider

We’re not always in the business of promoting our fave software, but sometimes, if there’s a good thing we stand by, then we’ll confidently share what we know!

Remember, your software choice is totally up to you, so if these two don’t do it for you, that’s OK.

You have unique needs at your salon–the only thing that really matters is that you’re picking software that works best for you.

Our opinion, though? We’re glad you asked. We’re big on software like GlossGenius and Booksy.

Why? They offer cosmetologists all those seamless features we mentioned before plus tons more.

Both offer all-in-one services that merge with many of your existing integrations. That means you’ll get marketing software, booking software, and payment software all in the same program. They’re both seamless to use (which is a big plus for us). And of course, they’re both big winners with top cosmetologists.

Plus, when you have an Elite Beauty Society membership you get exclusive discounts on both software's!

Ready to invest in some serious software that’ll change the way you book and do business? Give those two brands we mentioned a try.

But above all, make sure you find software that works best for you and provides you with seamless support! Looking for even more support?

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