A beauty biz that recently underwent a name change waits new customers.

Considering Change to Your Beauty Biz’s Name?
3 Things to Keep in Mind

Your beauty biz is thriving. Still, something doesn’t feel right. You’ve zeroed in on the target client you want in your salon or shop, you’ve perfected your skills, and your marketing is on point. So, what’s missing? 

It might be your beauty biz’s name.

If you–like so many beauty pros out there–are simply not feeling the OG name you came up with for your business, know that you’re not alone. Naming a beauty business (or any business, for that matter) is hard. Like, really hard. 

And even if you thought that your OG biz name was a good representation of your brand when you started, things change–maybe now, it simply doesn’t suit you as your business has grown and evolved. 

You know what? All of that is OK–but that doesn’t mean changing your business name is always the right move, either. 

Your name is just as much part of your identity as your biz strategy, your branding, and the way you service your clients. Sometimes, making that change can be damaging to your brand, especially if you don’t cover all your bases during the name change process.

This blog is offering you something crucial for the name-changing procedure–insight. Before you make your choice to change your name, run through these top three considerations to double-check that it’s the right move for you! 

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Changing Your Beauty Biz Name 

The Name Doesn’t Already Exist 

Before you even think about making plans, before you start drawing up announcements, and before you go announcing it to anyone, we highly recommend you do a full recon of that name.

We hate to be so blunt, but even if you’ve already checked that the name you’ve got in mind isn’t taken–check again! We’re not just talking about the official paperwork, either–we’re talking about all platforms where branding and marketing are going to matter. Have you checked domain names? 

What about Instagram handles? Will your YouTube channel be able to use your new name, too? Wherever your name is going to live (digitally, in print, or beyond), you need to make sure that name is explicitly available. Otherwise, you’re going to complicate things and confuse your audience.

Then, take your research a step further.

Even if that name doesn’t exist as a business in the cosmetology space, see if any other business, person, or notable event has ever had that name. Explore what you find. Research that name to no end so that you know any and everything that could be associated with the new name you’ve got in mind. 

Your Customers are Aware & On-Board 

Obviously, this is your business–so what you think about your business name matters above all. That being said, it would be incredibly silly to make this enormous change without discussing it with the people who matter most: Your clients. 

We probably don’t have to tell you this, but customer satisfaction is a big dang deal in your industry. (Cough cough, you’re in the service industry, after all). 

Conduct a quick poll with them over the course of a few weeks and test the waters. How do they feel about a name change? Do they like what you have in mind? Would transitioning to a new name impact how they feel about you and your business? 

If you’ve felt it out and it seems like your clients are on board with the name change, make sure you’re making everyone aware of this change.

Offer up a timeline to your clients, send out supporting information to solidify the change, and even consider throwing a name-change party to get everyone on board and make sure your debut is noted and appreciated. 

You’ve Got a Solid Plan in Place for the Transition 

In an ideal world, you’d be able to make a quick announcement to your supporters and just say, “Hey, we’re changing our name–here’s our new one,” and that would be enough.

Unfortunately, that’s not how name changes work. In fact, that’s not how client communication works at all. 

You need a plan of action, contingency plans, announcement strategies, marketing transitions–the whole nine. Here are just a few examples of the transitions you’ll need to take care of before you make the switch: 

  • Business licenses and permits 

  • Cosmetology liability insurance 

  • Legal documents 

  • New EINs

  • Google My Business name swap

  • Newsletters & announcements for clients 

  • New in-salon and directive signage 

  • Google Map updates 

  • All new branding for inside and outside of the salon 

  • All partnerships and written materials posted in other areas 

  • Social media handles 

  • Email marketing campaign

  • Websites  

  • Rebranding strategies 

And that’s only a few things! The list goes on and on. Make sure you’re reviewing and perfecting every element of your transition period so you don’t lose customers!

Have you ever changed a business name? What was the reaction?

 If changing your beauty business’ name is on the radar, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it, we recommend starting with these three considerations before you take any further steps.

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