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As a part of Elite Beauty Society, we know you love keeping up on the latest trends, finding out about new beauty industry opportunities, and most of all, making your journey in the beauty industry as successful as possible.

We’ve partnered with Canvas Recruit to bring you some of those opportunities you’ve dreamed of, wished you’d heard about, and the ones that are totally career changing.

Canvas Recruit was created to empower beauty pros to take charge of their careers. No longer is it about who you know – get considered and be in the know of all opportunities.

At Elite Beauty Society we believe in empowering all beauty pros to create the career they’ve dreamed of, and that becomes a little easier with the help of making your own Digital Canvas. Whether you’re a beauty student, or industry vet, Canvas is the premier platform for you to showcase your skill, get noticed, and connect with other beauty pros.

Check out our top reasons below to sign up for Canvas Recruit.

Create your Digital Canvas today and slay.

1. The Digital Portfolio

Just like business professionals have LinkedIn, beauty pros, now have Canvas Recruit.

Create a beautiful digital portfolio, use it to network and collaborate. …And yes, it syncs to your Insta page, too.

No, this isn’t like your professional website that you’d share with clients and potential clients, link retail product to, or secure bookings with.

This is just for you to network and connect with other amazing beauty pros to take your career to the next level.

By the way, did we mention Canvas Recruit is for ALL beauty pros?

Canvas isn’t exclusive to one segment of the beauty industry. Salon owners, independent stylists, barbers, spa professionals, nail technicians, and students are all encouraged to created digital profiles.

2. The Side Hustle – Backstage Opportunities, Mentorships and Beyond

Ever wanted to work behind the scenes on a photo shoot, or backstage at an event, but don’t know how to even be considered for those opportunities?

Well, they’re posted on Canvas Recruit right now. …And you can apply by simply using your Canvas.

Some examples of these:

  • Redken Photoshoot
  • Shadow J Ladner during his Unicorn Magic Hair Tour
  • A day of mentorship with Jay Wesley Olson

Canvas brings fair and equal opportunities to all beauty pros, that were once nearly impossible to find on your own.

Showcase your talent and get noticed.


Ever attend an event, meet someone cool and want to show them your work? Well, create your canvas and send them the link.

Yes, you can just share your Instagram handle but how professional is that really? Plus, how much information are you sharing on Insta? Will someone know how to contact you, where you’re located, or what your experience is?

Sharing your Canvas is like a digital business card in the beauty industry. Not only does it showcase your work and talent, it gives your audience so much more information about you as a beauty pro.

4. Love Traveling? Are You Moving? Great, Canvas Has Your Back

The traveling beauty pro is becoming more and more common these days. Find chair rental opportunities across the US and jobs in renowned salons nationwide.

Just traveling? Look up some of those amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities or mentorships we mentioned earlier. Your Canvas can take you anywhere.

5. Find Full-Time Job Opportunities

Not vibe’ing well with your current place of work or looking for new growth opportunities? Find full-time opportunities and send them your digital Canvas to apply.

In addition to being able to apply to your potential dream job, salons can view your Canvas, beautiful work and reach out to you!

Even if you’re not looking for a job, you never know who you could connect with.

Elite Beauty Society loves the opportunities and connections Canvas Recruit is bringing this industry, make you Canvas, and elevate your career today.

Elite Beauty Society loves the opportunities and connections Canvas Recruit is bringing this industry, make your Canvas, and elevate your career today.

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