How To Be Seen And Build Connection In The Beauty Space 

Through Canvas Me

In its simplest form, Canvas Me is an e-portfolio platform created JUST for the beauty space. 

It’s a place where you can upload videos, photos, and sync your Instagram. It's a place where you can highlight certifications, awards, specialties, and preferred brands. It's a place where, as a beauty pro, you can be seen and heard so that you can live out the career of your dreams.

Just as we humanize the artist on Canvas Me, we also humanize the business through Canvas Me business portfolios and career opportunities, this makes Canvas Me the professional matchmaking site that zero’s in on finding the right cultural fit. 

We’ve all heard the saying “your tribe is your vibe” and Canvas Me embodies all there is to find your tribe.

3 Reasons The Beauty Pro Must Be On Canvas Me

Create Connection Through Your Bio & Video

When you create your Canvas Me Portfolio you'll write a compelling bio, and be able to upload a video introducing yourself in a way that forms a connection.

Check out these two Canvas Me members Brit (bio) & Maria (video) for examples of a written bio and a video bio. Every single owner we share this with is interested in hiring them – why? Because owners hire on connection and while skill set matters – you can’t teach human,  you can teach skill set.

All Of Your Information Is In One Place

The Canvas Me portfolio allows you to have everything in one place, including your social media channels. It includes imagery, video, metrics, certifications, awards, work history, education information, key performance indicators, specialties, software experience, Instagram sync, and more. 

Even if you aren’t looking for a new career, canvas me is a place where you can celebrate all of your hard work and be seen. You can share your work by sharing your Canvas Me Link with the world! Check out HaiLeigh’s profile for some inspo. 

Apply For All Career Enhancing Opportunities

While Canvas Me can help you find your future full-time work home, it’s about so much more than that.

You can apply for mentorships – with a click of a button - with some pretty mega influencers like Michelle O’Connor from Matrix, Tippi Shorter from Mizani, or Jamie Wiley of Pureology.

We’ve even helped Mizani and Pulp Riot find their next 70 educators – all through Canvas Me!

Create your FREE portfolio, celebrate your work, and be seen!

Why The Beauty Business Must Be On Canvas Me

Beauty pros can save tons of time vetting candidates and hire the right culture fit.  Canvas Me isn’t a “job board” it’s a place where we humanize artists in a way that forms connection.

You can vet candidates by leveraging their Canvas Me portfolio where you can watch video, see imagery of their work, check out their social channels, view work history, specialties, even Key Performance Indicators – ALL FROM ONE PLACE.

No more jumping from word doc resume to Instagram to phone interview. You have so much information about a candidate BEFORE you reach out.

Pulp Riot and Mizani have hired over 60 national educators in less than 60 days by leveraging the power of the portfolio.

Not only that but you can highlight your business by creating a Canvas Me career opportunity that includes video, imagery, benefits etc. You can humanize your business in a way that attracts top talent and connects with the right artist. 

Create your Canvas Me business portfolio, be seen and hire the right culture fit.
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