The Best Way to Kick Amazon to the Curb

and Boost Your Retail Business in the Salon

You’re probably rolling your eyes at us and reading this title at the same timecompete with Amazon for retail sales? Yeah, right.

Listen, we get it. It’s Amazon’s world and we’re all just living in it.

We’re not here to pretend that Amazon isn’t some crazy-mega-salon-product-super-power out there in the retail world constantly handing our shampoos and root masks back to us saying, “good try kid, but let the adults handle this.

In fact—we’re saying the exact opposite. Amazon is consistently beating everyone—not just us!—in the retail game. But that’s exactly why it’s important to tie our black aprons back, throw our hair up into the perfect bun, and get down to business. It’s time to kick that Amazon phenomenon to the curb and boost your own retail game with these helpful tips.

First and foremost, know this, ladies and gents—there is hope.

Beat That 1-Day Shipping Nonsense—Make it Immediate

We live in a world of immediacy. Think about the last time you ordered something not from Amazon—that 5-7-day shipping nonsense is for the birds, you guys. (C’mon, you’re guilty of thinking it, too).

But it’s true, we live in a world where the faster people (consumers, clients, whatever you want to call them) can get their hands on something, the better.

Amazon is ruling the roost in this department because they have all the technology and resources to get people their products with 1-2 day shipping. A pretty amazing feat, right?

Well, guess what. You can beat that.

How? By sending people home with the products they need immediately. You are the most reliable resource available to your clients—if you have a regular client who regularly purchases a specific product, be sure you have it in stock for them so they can buy it from you, every time.

Bring it Back to Retail Every Step of the Way

We’re not saying that you should be shoving your retail products into your clients’ faces, but if you have the opportunity to naturally work in a few retail products throughout the entire client visit, we recommend you do so.

Start from the very beginning—throw out some new ideas, ask them if they have anything in mind they want to try. Work it into the middle—ask questions about their existing products, ask if they’re missing anything, do they need some additional moisture? And tie it into the end—"I used product xyz on your hair, and that’s what’s going to really give it that voluminous look, I can send some home with you today!”

Circle back naturally when you can so they’re getting gentle, friendly reminders that you have the products they need!

Give Them the Feedback & Reviews They Crave

You know why people love the internet? Reviews.

Sure, there are dozens of other reasons, too, but when it comes to purchasing something online, people absolutely crave solid reviews that give them a thorough idea about what they’re buying. You know for a fact your favorite clients are going to their favorite Instagram beauty influencers social media pages and looking to them for reviews, advice, and tips—so why not provide that for them for your products, too?

Amp up that social media/website/ what-have-you with some seriously thorough and in-depth reviews. That way, your clients are going to refer to you for advice and tips, take your suggestions to heart, and know that they can purchase those products from you!

Show Your Client’s It’s Not Just About the Purchase, It’s About the Relationship

You know what the No. 1 thing you can offer your clients that Amazon never could? 

A person-to-person, in-your-face, touch-your-hair-and-your-heart relationship. (We’d like to see the Amazon drones try that one…actually, come to think of it, we definitely don’t want to see that).

You’re just a stylist standing in front of a client telling them that you’re there for them, you have their best interest at heart, and that you can be a reliable resource for the retail products they need. Don’t underestimate how valuable that is.

Sure, people love immediacy, they love convenience, and they love the latest and greatest product, but if you’re establishing a relationship with that client, providing them with fantastic advice and product reviews, and putting their best interest first, they’re going to value that relationship, think of you, and importantly, buy from you too.

Feeling a little better about your retail game? We thought so.

Remember, you’ve got a lot of advantages over Amazon, it’s just all about communicating that to your clients effectively and clearly. Trust us, you’ve got this. Looking for more salon advice, style tips, and the hottest news in the stylist biz? Keep up with our regularly updated blog here for more insight!