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A Mission Toward Mindfulness

A hairstylist by trade, Bobbi has been in the beauty and wellness industry for over 35 years and has been a driving force forward.

Bobbi was a Redken Artist for 15 years, then over the next 20 years served as a team leader in various positions overseeing Education and Training for Redken and Pureology.  Her background in this industry and life experiences have provided her with a unique and diverse skill set, allowing her to offer a wide variety of services and personal development programs.

In 2010 Bobbi was diagnosed with breast cancer. During treatments, she went weekly for reiki, oncology and cupping massage, acupuncture, guided imagery, reflexology, naturopathic medicine and immersed herself in the world of healing and wellness practices.   Her experience was profound and she found reiki to be so beneficial, she studied to become a practitioner.  In 2012 she had accomplished this goal and became a Certified Reiki Master.  While still working in the corporate world for Redken, Bobbi practiced reiki on her family, friends, and  began facilitating distance reiki. In 2016, Bobbi went to massage school to continue learning about the body and how to treat and heal naturally.  She is an advocate of life-long learning and is huge advocate for personal wellness and self- care.  

For Bobbi, Mindfulness is More Than Just a Practice It's a Way of Life

Bobbi offers her audience a variety of different services to help them achieve the peace, healing, and mindfulness they seek.

As a busy professional it can be hard to find the time to center yourself. By focusing her work on Chakara Balancing- uniting the body's energy wheel, Reiki- a natural and holistic healing process aiding the body in refreshing, repairing, and recharging, and Reflexology- using specific points of pressure to relieve tension, Bobbi's energy work sets you up to be on the self-care journey you need to achieve self-improvement. 

  • 1:1 Personal & Professional Coaching: Bobbi distinguishes the line between self care and self-improvement making them work harmoniously together through her personal coaching program.

Self-care does not mean self-improvement. Self-improvement is rooted in the awareness of knowing our behaviors and habits and incorporating self-care and self-love to improve upon those behaviors and habits. Bobbi's 1:1 training includes 7 personal coaching sessions and 4 hands-on phone calls, all rooted in her YOU first philosophy.

  • Group Training:  From small classes, to large events and everything in between Bobbi is available to train and teach the benefits of a you first mentality focusing on mind, body, and spirit.

Bobbi's YOU first program teaches the fundamentals of self-care, discovery, and self-awareness to aide you in uncovering the stressors in your life, energy drains, and how to plug the leaks. Bobbi Foster Kelly's training will provide you with the tools you need to stay grounded, maintain peaceful and positive energy, and overcome physical and emotional fatigue. P.S. you can even redeem your Redken LEVEL Loyalty points for Bobbi's Training!

Bobbi serves on the National Professional Salon Industry council for the of City of Hope and is currently a consultant, brand ambassador and trainer for Redken.  She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and is a volunteer at Beaumont Hospital- providing reiki to patients during their recovery.  She is a Certified Heart Math Trainer, Certified Angel Card reader and a graduate of the Gabriel Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

Bobbi resides in Clinton Township, with her 18- year old son Jesse, where she enjoys spending time with her family, being close to nature and experiencing the beauty of the four seasons. She is an avid reader and regularly practices yoga, meditation and reiki. 

Bobbi’s YOU First program has allowed me to uncover the roadblocks we put up to thwart ourselves from self-care. Through this program, I’ve been given specific tools to help me to understand that my own well-being and balance are essential for me to be better for others. Not that you can do it all, but how to put boundaries in place and shed the things that are less important or get in the way. The program has shown me how to prioritize and make the time to put myself first and live a healthier, happier, more balanced life. It’s a journey that is worthwhile – maybe even life-saving. In Bobbi, I’ve found someone who ‘gets it’ and understands the pressures and things we do and tell ourselves that sabotage our own happiness. 

Beth C.