How to Become Your Own Walking Billboard as a Cosmetologist

Imagine walking into a dentist's office and your dentist does not have healthy teeth, what would you think? Now, there should never be any judgment passed when first meeting people of course. However, let’s face it, we live in a world where the first impression means more than people think.

Cosmetology is no longer an overlooked profession—you are the “doctor” of hair. Whether you found yourself playing with hair as a child or owning a bizarre collection of the latest beauty products, it is needless to say that this career requires passion and it’s important to be properly represented.

Salon marketing is the best thing you can do for your business and one way to do this is to become your own walking billboard. So what exactly does that mean?

It means, walk the walk and talk the talk! Think about all of the places you go to on a daily basis, grocery shopping, gym, mall, etc. all of these places are opportunities for you to catch someone's eye and hand out a business card.

Here are three salon marketing tips you can start using to gain more clients by representing your brand and wearing your career on your sleeve.

Dress The Part

This may sound simple, but as a former educator of cosmetology, I’ve seen it all. Many stylists think black is the way to go, and it can be, but here is the key word….black. Not the kind of black that looks like it’s been through a rave and back.

Faded or stained black clothes look old and raggedy. Adding black dye to your washer to keep the color fresh can be one way to go and preserve your clothes. There are also a ton of stores that sell inexpensive black clothes. Many stylists prefer leggings in and outside of the salon but make sure your pink undies aren’t showing through! Nobody wants to see that. It is unprofessional and can instantly portray a bad image of you and your brand. Adding a blazer or fashion hat can help finish the look and draw more attention to you.

Do Your Hair

Shocking, I know. I am the first to admit that my hair is pulled back in the salon. As a blonde, I am always afraid to get color in it and I don’t want it in my clients face at the washbowl. However, this does not mean it does not need to brushed or groomed.

Didn’t wash your hair? Wear a fashion hat or create replicate a “messy” top bun from Pinterest. Either way, take pride in what your own hair looks like. I also can’t stress enough how important it is to have your hair freshly colored and cut at all times. You take so much time taking care of others you forget about yourself. But when you think they’re not watching….they’re watching.

How can you expect your guests to be in your chair every four weeks when you look like you have gone six months without a re-touch! Beautiful hair is always up for compliments, and again this just means one more opportunity to give out your business card. Make sure your hair is on point! Whether you are roaming the grocery store or shopping at the mall, people notice.

Don't Forget About Your Makeup And Nails

I find that this tip can sometimes be controversial. Some are probably thinking “but I don’t like to wear makeup” and that’s okay! But it takes makeup to make it look like you have no makeup, make sense?

I am not saying you have to pair a smokey eye with red lips at the crack of dawn, however, it is important to maintain a clean and fresh look at all times. As for the guys, you do not need to wear makeup unless you want to, but make sure your beard is groomed and your skin is glowing.

For example, I get a ton of compliments on my eyebrows, even when I am not wearing any other makeup! This can immediately open up the door to my elevator speech “Thank you, I am a cosmetologist, I would love to have you come by, here is my business card”. You may or may not hear from this person ever again, but the chances are greater with your business card in their hand.

The last salon marketing tip,

As you are handing them your business card what do you think they see? Your hands! Make sure you didn’t just do a level three color on a client with no gloves (guilty). If you don’t like nail polish that’s fine, but keeping your hands looking clean and manicured is key.

Taking care of yourself after a long day at the salon can be exhausting, however, you must never underestimate the energy you give off to people when you look the part. Gaining a new client can be one compliment away and with these salon marketing tips you can be sure to stop someone right in their tracks.

Ready, Set, Strut Your Stuff