The Cosmetologist Guide to SEO Best Practices: 

The SEO Basics Every Beauty Pro Should Know

We are—once again—dropping that three-letter word that often makes even the most marketing-savvy cosmetologists sigh and roll their eyes—yep, we’re talkin’ about SEO. 

If you keep up with the blog, you know that we’re all for sharing serious marketing knowledge that could change your career for the better, and TBH, we can’t think of a more worthy topic than SEO. 

Believe it or not, it’s hard to beat the effectiveness of a killer SEO strategy, which is why we’ve focused so hard on keeping it at the top of your mind anytime marketing comes up in any context. 

A while back, we dropped the SEO 101 Guide on the blog—while it’s an enormously helpful introductory guide, we wanted to take it a step further for those of you who are ready to spread your SEO wings and fly. We’re assuming if you’ve read this far into our new SEO blog, then you’re probably down for the search engine optimization get-down. 

So, let’s do this thing—let’s dive into the best SEO practices that every cosmetologist should know.

Our advice? Take a quick refreshing peek back at our 101 guide to ensure you’ve got it all down, then, come back here and get ready to expand that SEO knowledge. 

Get on Board with SEO Basics

Do your best to avoid scoffing at this advice—but we think you should take it back to the basics before you go any further. Obviously, it’s impossible to build a dominant SEO strategy if you’re not totally sure what SEO is all about to begin with, right? Of course.

So, when we say go back to the basics, we don’t mean be able to recite back a definition of SEO—we mean do your best to totally understand it as a process. 

Research as much as possible about the process itself—straight-up try to put yourself in a search engine’s shoes to see what they’re looking for and what they think is important. Then, try to widen your perspective on what SEO does by realizing how much it applies to all of your digital assets.

Finally, try to grasp this concept as fully as possible—SEO is constantly changing. This is not a static thing, and unfortunately, it never will be.

Once you accept that you’ll be learning new things about SEO forever, you’re ready to move on and further, your SEO strategy knows no bounds.  

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning is literally everything when it comes to SEO—but we’re not just talking about keyword lists. Don’t get us wrong, keyword planning absolutely matters (we’ll get to that in a moment) but your planning work needs to touch all aspects of SEO strategy, which means you have to plan for all the elements—even the tiny ones. 

For example, your SEO planning strategy:

  • Meta Descriptions 
  • Alt Text Images 
  • Body Content 
  • Links (internal and backlinks—more on this later) 
  • Keywords (short-tail, long-tail, and branded) 
  • Market research on your target audience 
  • Research about your competitors and their SEO strategies 
  • Page Titles

The lesson here? There’s literally always going to be the tiniest details to plan for—so do your best and happy planning! 

Get Comfy with Your Ever-Changing Keyword List Duties 

See, we told you we’d get to the keyword list part—even though this isn’t the only aspect of planning, it’s definitely an important one that you can’t leave out. 

Review your target list of keywords and goals every single month—don’t slack on this! Because industry trends and strategies are always changing, you need to stay on top of what keywords matter, what ones don’t, and what you could be doing better to succeed in this area.

We suggest investing in marketing software that helps you track your keywords and evaluates how they rank over time. 

High-Quality Content is a Must  

Yes, it’s definitely more work on top of all the other work you’re doing, but producing consistent, high-quality content for your digital assets is a must for prime SEO real estate.

Amazing content on your digital pages is going to help you improve your bounce rates, send traffic your way, and provide value—all things that the SEO gods consider positive contenders for great SEO rankings. 

Your high-quality content should focus on stuff like:

  • Producing content people want to read that isn’t STUFFED with keywords (that’s bad in the SEO                 world) 
  • Writing long-form content (AKA, something longer than a thousand words or so) 
  • Optimizing key details that matter, such as title tags, descriptions, page titles, and photos 
  • REGULAR and CONSISTENT content—this is crucial
  • Internal linking keywords in your URLs
  • Focusing on link building

Build Links 

Focus on adding internal and external links to your online content, but more than that, focus on getting other pages with high domain authority to link back to your site. 

How can you do this? Team up with other brands that also want to improve their external link building, produce high-quality content that other sites will want to share and give you credit for on their pages, or find a creative strategy of your own!

We definitely suggest making this a substantial part of your weekly SEO strategy. 

Measure Your Metrics

Doing all this work and then not measuring how it’s performing is basically the equivalent of creating an incredible cut and then shaving it all off for no reason. You put in all the damn work, but you’ll never see the reward—and you’ll never reap the benefits.

Invest in software that can help you track your SEO rankings and can run regular audits on your digital footprint. That way, you can consistently improve your SEO strategy.

Do a FULL Digital Asset Audit

Monthly audits are a must! Your metric tracker should make this easy, but we highly recommend taking a good, hard look at your footprint every month to see what went wrong, what you did right, and how you can keep improving.

Don’t let the potentially overwhelming mass of SEO stuff get you down—once you get past the tough stuff (understanding it), the rest is pretty easy. All it takes is some dedication, consistent efforts, and ambition—and we know you’ve got all of that covered.

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