A beauty pro gift guide is the ultimate key to gift giving–some items, like the salon items shown in this image, might make the list.

Beauty Pro-Approved Gift Guide for the Holidays
The Must-Give Gift Advice Straight from the Pros

With the holidays ringing in quicker and louder than seasonal bells from your favorite Christmas carol, you’re undoubtedly getting a lot of questions from your clients about the best beauty gifts. It happens every year, right? You get a well-meaning client who mosies in saying something like, “my sister-in-law is a total cosmetology gal–but I have no idea what to gift her for the holidays. Any thoughts?” 

Those questions–on most days–are fun, and it’s not like you don’t like sharing your advice with your lovely clients. But the holiday season is busy–you don’t always have time to sit down and dish to your customers about the latest and greatest in the beauty world. Still, you don’t want to leave your adored clients in the dust.

So, how can you find a way to help your clients out without eating up all your valuable time during the work day?

We’ve got four words for you: Beauty Pro Gifts Guides. 

If you have an evening to sit down, gather your thoughts, and type out an amazing list of beauty-pro-approved gifts this season, you can make that available to your clients so they can get those go-to answers they’re looking for (without hijacking all your salon time). 

Looking for a beauty pro gift guide for the beauty pros in your life? We suggest taking a peek at our other beauty pro gift guide that’s focused on which gifts to give cosmetologists like you!

The Beauty Pro Gift Guide: What to Buy Beauty Enthusiasts–Advice From the Experts 

Not sure what to add to those gift guides? Here’s some advice! These are suggestions to help you spark your own creativity–so get to it. Whether you’re building your own gift guide from scratch or want to use a few of ours, this is the go-to place to kickstart a beauty-pro-approved gift guide. 

Want a little holiday promo pro-tip? Make sure everything on your list is something your customers can buy directly from you! 

Gift Cards, Gift Cards, Gift Cards 

Don’t ever underestimate the power of gift cards! Gift cards–especially to your own salon or shop, *wink wink*–are fabulous beauty-pro approved gifts. Why? Because even if you can’t help someone pick the perfect present for their loved one, you can help them get a day of pampering, a service they’ve been dying for, or a quick little beauty touchup–all without ever knowing what they want in advance.

Plus, gift cards are amazing profit boosters–especially around the holidays. 

Air Wrap & Hot Tools 

Really want to help your clients impress with their beauty gifting abilities? Drop your hottest recs for the best air wrap and hot tools to help clients achieve the go-to styles they’ve always dreamed of. As a bonus, be sure to mention all the appropriate heat protectant products you’d recommend (and, of course, have all of your recommendations in stock so they can buy those directly from you).  

Your Go-To Moisturizing Mask

Whether you’re a skincare pro or a hair whiz, there’s always a need for a little moisture boost in the winter. Dry, cold air can chap skin, mess with hair’s pH, and sap the moisture out of anyone. AKA, moisturizing masks that fit your shtick are a great option for gift guides. Add some suggestions to your list and make sure you’ve got them in stock so people can stock up directly from the gift guide source.  

Fun & Flirty Hair Clips

Hair accessories are all the rage right now. From fun claw clips to snake hair clips, and beyond, now’s the time to really encourage your clients to tap into their hair creativity. Got a few go-to faves that you want to recommend? Add them to your list, link them out if you don’t carry them, and be sure the items you do carry are in stock before your gift guide drops.  

Restorative Hair Treatments

Can you say Olaplex? Whatever products you’re pushing in your own salon for bonding and restorative treatments, we highly recommend adding them to your own gift guide! Whatever brand you love the most, be sure to stock up. Think your clients need a little convincing before they purchase? Show them the magic of a restorative treatmenet during their service–then sell them on it with your gift guide! 

Makeup For the Latest Holiday Trends

As you know, beauty is seasonal, and trends pop in and out at whim. Of course, the holiday season brings about its own fun trends that you’ll want your clients to try. Guide them along the trending path with a gift guide that shows off all the latest holiday trends. Stock up on great glitter palettes, bold lipsticks and stains, the perfect liners for kitten-eye looks, and more! 

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