Insurance Talk:

Your Guide to Every Policy Offered by Elite Beauty Society

You know what we love? Options. And lots of ‘em.

You know what we think you deserve? Options. And lots of ‘em.

Are you seeing a trend here? We hope so.

We decided to bust out this blog to do a little #humblebrag about something we’re pretty dang proud of—our insurance policy options.

We’ve already laid out lots of information about what’s included under our professional liability insurance coverage (click right here for reference) and we’ve already talked endlessly about all the member benefits that come along with choosing us as your insurance partner (click here, you’re definitely going to want to read this)—but we’ve never taken a deep dive into the types of policy options we offer our kickass clients.

And if you know us, you know we simply couldn’t leave that stone unturned.

That’s why we’re busting out this blog that’s giving you an up close and personal look at all the different policy options we offer.

Don’t get it twisted—even though we offer a lot of different options, every single one of the policies (each with their unique benefits) is designed with the stylist in mind. That means that each and every policy takes your specific job into account, addresses the unique risks associated with your work, and never (ever) throws a blanket insurance policy at the problem.

No way. Elite Beauty Society’s coverage is all about being beauty professional specific. And why shouldn’t we be? Your risks, your dilemmas, your day-to-day challenges are unique and specialized—you’re a particular type of professional, and your insurance policy shouldn’t treat you like anything less.

Ready to learn more about the types of policies we provide? We thought you might want to take a closer look. From part-time coverage to two-year packages, we’ve got a little somethin’ for everybody (and even a little in between).

Keep reading to pick out your perfect policy!

Our Long List of Options: Our Lineup of Insurance  Policies

Part-Time Coverage

Is beauty still your side hustle? Your passion project? Your part-time gig? Even if being a beauty pro isn’t your full-time occupation, you still need to make sure you’re insured. Anytime you’re working with people and performing your services, you absolutely need to be sure that you’re insured to protect yourself, protect your clients, and protect the future of your career, too. That’s where our Part-Time Coverage option comes into play.

At EBS, we understand that not everyone is in the salon or spa full time—but even so, you probably still require the same amount of coverage. That’s why we designed the most affordable part-time coverage available on the insurance market today.

When you choose EBS’ part-time coverage, you’re covered for up to 15 hours behind the chair and has the same $3 million in annual coverage. You even have access to all of our exclusive, members’ only benefits, too!

Monthly Payment Options

Not totally ready to pay for an entire year of insurance? Don’t sweat it—we know how it goes. That’s why we offer our amazing benefits, superb coverage, and peace of mind protection on a month-to-month basis for as low as $12.38 per month!

Meet our Monthly Payment Option, a flexible plan that’s perfect for professionals who want a little freedom in terms of their insurance payments.

How do we make this happen? By partnering with PayPal Credit—check out our video here to see how it works and to decide if this is the right option for you!

Beauty Student Insurance Package

For all those almost beauty pros out there who are still in school, this package is perfect for you. We offer discounted beauty student insurance for just $25 a year that follows you—whether you’re training at school, in a workshop, or even at home.

This option isn’t a pared-down version of our insurance—just insurance at a pared-down price that’s perfect for students. You’ll get all the coverage of our other plans alongside our enviable member-only benefits.

Our protection takes care of you for a full 365 days from the moment of purchase—regardless of when you graduate. All you need to do to qualify is purchase your insurance from us while you’re currently enrolled in cosmetology school—in other words, the day of purchase must be while you’re still in school.

After that, it’s all up to you! (We suggest buying this policy right before your graduation date so you can get a full year of discounted coverage!

One Year Insurance Package

Our one-year insurance package is one of the packages most commonly purchased packages we have! It provides you with the coverage you’re looking for, the benefits you won’t find anywhere else, and the security you’re looking for all at the affordable price of $169 per year!

This package is perfect for professionals who are interested in a one-and-done type of payment. Just pay a quick $159 and you’re covered for a full 365 days! With that comes our full list of member benefits, our industry-proffered liability coverage, immediate certification, and over 350+ beauty and wellness services totally covered!

Two Year Package

The two-year package is for the beauty pros out there who know how to commit—especially when they know they’ve got a good thing. This package offers you all the same options as the one-year package but at an even more affordable price.

Can you blame us? We love that you’re going to commit to us, and we think that should be rewarded with some savings.

When you purchase the two-year package from us, you lock in a rate of $139 per year—so, you pay $279.50 once and you’re set for the next 730 days—that’s a lot of coverage, a lot of peace of mind, and a lot of protection for a tiny, one-time rate.

Ready to learn even more about the professional liability insurance options we’ve got laid out for you at EBS? Get to it!

Check out all of our insurance info and resources right here to get started—but if that’s not enough, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you might have (contact us here!)