Beauty Industry Careers Outside The Salon 

Your Go-To Guide for Beauty Career Inspo  

Hey you—yeah, you. The one who’s browsing through beauty careers trying to talk themselves into working in a salon all day. Yeah, we’re talking to you.

Are you a person who’s absolutely in love with the beauty industry? Are you a person who’s creative, talented, and all about working with people? Are you a person who has overflowing visions of how you could change the industry for the better?

Are you also—somehow—a person who is 100 percent sure that you don’t want to spend their life working in a hair salon?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. You’re not alone.

Every day, people all over the world throw their dreams of working in the beauty industry straight into the trash because they’re stuck on the thought that having a career in the beauty industry means that you have to work in a salon.

SPOILER ALERT: This. Isn’t. True.

Sure—if you want to work in a salon or a shop, you do the damn thing. That’s a hustle and we love it (a lot of us have worked in salons and loved every dang minute of it). We want to be totally clear—there’s nothing wrong with working in a salon whatsoever.

But the second you assume that that’s the only career in the beauty industry that exists, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

There are thousands (that’s right, thousands) of careers out there within the beauty industry—probably paths and niches you’ve never even heard of. And you know what? That’s OK—because we’re here to shine the light for you.

Paths In The Beauty Industry

Editorial Stylist

As an editorial stylist, you’re taking your profession out of the salon and right into the world of magazines, red carpets, advertising, and more!

The career of editorial styling is a burgeoning one and is a great choice for cosmetologists who enjoy the freedom of creating and executing images, themes, and messages through beauty.

Want to know more about being an editorial stylist? We have a whole blog post here that dives deep into what this career looks like!

Salon Manager

Do you have a mutual love for both business and beauty? Believe it or not, the two can mix for your ideal career. There are so many licensed cosmetologists out there who have followed their love for beauty onto a business-minded path and have opened, run, and managed a salon, shop, or spa.

If you love running a business, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are looking to combine your love of beauty into something that’s meaningful to you in this specific way, being a salon manager could be the perfect path!

Beauty Blogger

Some of the people behind the world’s biggest beauty brands (we’re lookin’ at you, Glossier), got started from simply becoming beauty bloggers.

Whether you know it or not, beauty blogging is an enormous industry (just look at the Instagram influencers making fortunes off running beauty blogs) that has the potential to be incredibly helpful for consumers. 

This type of career involves very little startup cost but lots of time, research, and effort. Still, if you’re able to build an audience of loyal readers and subscribers, it could be a rewarding (and profitable) career.

Image Consultant

 As an image consultant, it’s your job to help clients create and execute the image they’re hoping to portray. Oftentimes, this means creating entire beauty regimens and routines from scratch, executing makeovers, and helping them feel better themselves.

 You’ll need to have an innate sense of style as well as the will and interest in keeping up with the latest and greatest beauty trends so you can keep your clients relevant in an ever-changing beauty-sphere.

Beauty Therapist

This is a real thing (and we think it’s awesome!) Beauty therapy is all about providing a huge range of services and skills, including customer service, advice, consultation, relaxation treatment, and more!

This specialization requires a unique, high-level certification, but it’s a career that can take you anywhere—from a self-run, local shop to a cruise ship, resort, or spa.

Platform Artist

Never heard of a platform artist? In all reality, you probably have, you just might not have realized that was their job title. A beauty platform artist is a neat, little hybrid of live entertainer, teacher, and master stylist. 

This job takes you to different locations to perform (that’s right, perform) onstage to do demos, show-off techniques and products, and more.

 Platform artists are, usually, great with people, incredibly knowledgeable about what they’re teaching, and comfortable being the center of attention.

Retail Therapist

Do you love everything about beauty products? The research you put into them, the way they work within your regimen, the feeling of turning somebody else onto a totally awesome product?

If so, you might be cut out for a career in retail—especially if you can find products and companies you are passionate about! 

Become a Beauty Mentor & Teacher

Even though you might not want to work in a salon, spa, or shop, you undoubtedly realize the incredible work that those who do want that are offering people—so, what could be more fulfilling than helping those beauticians learn everything they can?

As a mentor and a teacher, you can help the newbies, the burgeoning beauty artists, the young and hopefuls become the stylists they’ve always wanted!

Permanent Makeup Stylist

 Take your cosmetology license to a whole new level of creativity and get into permanent makeup! 

While you’ll certainly need a specialized license, this career opens a whole new door into the beauty industry—and can be a creative way to combine your love for tattoos and beauty!

How absolutely open are your eyes right now? We hope we brought a whole new world of options and opportunities front and center.

Have a suggestion for a career that we didn’t mention in this blog? 

We want to hear about ittell us what you do in the beauty industry and why you love it in the comments!

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