beyond the chair

Seven Opportunities Beyond The Chair

The industry of cosmetology is vastly growing and continues to expand each year.

While it sustains its ability to be a viable means to earn a living, the cosmetology field also expects a 10 percent growth between 2014 and 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While hair styling provides a great opportunity to network, learn new techniques and socialize daily within a salon setting, many stylists also pursue other viable opportunities within the field.

Most Popular Alternative Opportunities You Can Enjoy Beyond The Salon Chair 

1. Editorial/Advertising Stylist

Editorial stylists are always on the cutting edge of fashion since this career path involves getting models camera-ready for photo shoots and editorials. Editorial and advertising stylists work in a fast-paced environment and must always be quick on their feet so that models can look their best and have their photos rendered beautifully on camera.

Though editorial stylists are typically represented by an agency, many move on to their own independent work once they’ve built up a hefty portfolio.

2. Celebrity Stylist

Celebrity stylists probably have the most grueling job in the cosmetics industry, tasked with helping celebrities look their best. A celebrity stylist job can involve styling hair for magazine articles, TV appearances, movie shoots, even red carpet events. While this is a dream job for many, meeting the demands of celebrity clients requires one to be flexible, quick and patient.

Many celebrity stylists, such as Ted Gibson, Frederic Fekkai and Kimberly Kimble, just to name a few, have also garnered fame for themselves through their work, earning TV shows and magazine shoots of their own.

3. Platform Artist

A platform artist, a.k.a. the rock star of hairstylists, must own a mix of expertise, sales and entertainment. This career involves being onstage and enticing the audience with new techniques at industry events such as trade shows. In addition to being a great stylist, a platform artist must be a great oral communicator and have a confident presence, as this is what will garner them and their brand success.

If the platform artist becomes very good at what they do, earning them a following, they typically get endorsed and move on to getting their own brand.

4. Artistic Director

Artistic directors must be creative. Typically working for magazines, TV, movies and the stage, artistic directors must have a drive that motivates them to implement fashion-forward ideas.

Artistic directors must always be one step ahead of the trends and must have enough confidence to follow through with their ideas. 

This career also involves being in a fast-paced environment; creativity, communication skills and boldness are a must.

5. Educator

A hairstylist educator educates instructs students about hair trends and techniques in a learning environment. Educators typically teach at an institute, university, salon or in workshops. Educators must be willing to learn as well, in order to best impart knowledge to others.

They must also be patient, kind, listen and answer any questions students may have. As a beginning educator, YouTube videos, blogging, even writing a book are great ways to get your knowledge out there.

6. Salon Manager

Salon managers must have a great deal of multitasking capability—because they must have the potential to play the role of both educator and leader. Great leadership attributes also involve determination, people skills and mastery of the hair styling craft. A strong work ethic is required to make a business run efficiently.

7. Development Partner

Development partners for salon brands are more on the business end of things; they act as liaisons for both the brand and the salon. They utilize their business-savvy skills to educate salon teams about a brand. Development partners also educate salons about business planning, marketing and even new techniques to help salons flourish.

The cosmetology field is an ever-changing endeavor, and you will always be able to find ways to exercise your creativity.