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Excellent-rated barber insurance that covers beauty professionals for more than 500+ beauty and wellness services. Get A-rated coverage for less than 49 cents per day, in just five minutes.

Immediate Coverage

Our online application takes 5 minutes, and you'll receive instant proof of insurance upon checkout. 

#1 Trusted Insurance

We have insured thousands of barbers and are backed by 5- star independent customer reviews.

Mobile Coverage

Do you practice at more than one place? Don't worry, our coverage will protect you in all 50 states.

Member Benefits

We are more than just barber insurance, EBS has over $750 of member perks tailored to the beauty industry.

Immediate Coverage

Our online application takes 5 minutes, and you'll receive instant proof of insurance upon checkout. 

#1 Trusted Insurance

We have insured thousands of cosmetologists and are backed by 5- star independent customer reviews.

Mobile Coverage

Do you practice at more than one place? Don't worry, our coverage will protect in all 50 states.

Member Benefits

We are more than just cosmetology insurance, EBS has over $750 of member perks tailored to the beauty industry.

Barber Insurance Rates

At Elite Beauty Society, we know that your business comes first and you work effortlessly to make your barber business exceed. That is why we crafted different policy types to meet the flexibility that your budget needs. 

See our rates below:

Two Year

Lock in a rate of $149 per year by purchasing our two year policy, with all the same benefits.




One Year

Protect your career for a single year. Get comprehensive coverage at the most affordable rate.





Protect yourself in school & after. Buy a policy just before graduation for a full year of discounted coverage.




Barber Insurance Highlights and Coverage

As a barber, you are a licensed professional that knows hair treatments and styling and offers services to make clients look and feel their best. Even the most skilled barbers, giving clients their utmost attention and care, can find themselves facing a claim for accidents that may have happened at the salon or during a service.

One of the most cost-effective safeguards available is to have barber liability insurance. Elite Beauty Society offers comprehensive coverage that will protect your career from the unexpected. 

Barber Insurance Coverage Details

Professional & General Liability:

$2 Million per occurrence
$3 Million per year

Personal Injury and Advertising Injury:

$2 Million

Identity Theft Protection:


Professional & General Liability

Professional liability is a blanket statement for the potential risks directly related to your occupation. These are industry-specific incidents that could cause harm to a client. Professional liability can also be known as errors and omissions. In other words, professional liability is something a professional does wrong while working. For cosmetologists, a professional liability may be puncturing a client's skin while giving them a haircut or causing a burn while performing thermal styling. 

Professional liability insurance helps protect a worker if they do something wrong that causes harm to a client. Professional liability insurance's protection is an essential component of overall liability insurance. If you're covered with professional liability insurance, you don't have to worry about the cost of a liability lawsuit against you. If you make a mistake and your client gets hurt, professional liability insurance can help keep your finances intact. 

If professional liabilities are directly related to your occupation, general liability is the opposite. General liabilities are non-specific to a career or vocation. These risks are universal in any industry. Another way to consider general liability insurance is slip and fall coverage. The incidents covered under general liability can happen in any industry and facility. The most common are trips, slips, and tumbles. 

General liability also covers personal property damage. For example, if your client drops their phone while slipping on your floor, general liability could also help cover the cost of replacing their mobile phone. 

General liability coverage offers protection from lawsuits involving universal risks or incidents. If a client falls and injures themselves while in your salon, general liability could help protect you from the cost of paying the client's compensation. As general liabilities are common and can happen anywhere, protection from general liabilities claims is essential to cosmetology insurance.

Identity Theft Protection

In today's world, more than word of mouth marketing is needed to be a successful cosmetologist. Most beauty professionals today have a massive online presence. Nearly every cosmetologist uses social media platforms to promote their business, manage their finances through online banking, or reach clients through their website. While the era of the internet has provided an excellent opportunity for reaching new clients and engaging your customers, it has also created the potential for loss due to identity theft. If you have any presence online, you are potentially at risk for hackers to steal your information. 

Elite Beauty Society includes Identity Theft Protection in our cosmetology insurance policy. We want our policyholders to be well protected from every career threat. While most other cosmetology insurance providers do not offer identity theft coverage, we make it a pillar of our policy. If you lose money due to an online predator, we offer protection to help you recoup your losses. 

What Kind of Insurance does a Barber Need?

As an independent barber, having professional and general liability insurance is a must in order to protect you from the expense of liability lawsuits and claims against them. 

While the barber industry can be an exciting and rewarding career, it comes with a certain amount of risk to the client. If something goes wrong during treatment and a client is injured or has their personal property damaged, they could hold you liable for the cost of their compensation. Barber liability insurance can help cover the cost of a liability claim against you.

Liability insurance is a safety net to help protect your finances. Elite Beauty Society has created a liability insurance plan specifically for barbers. This coverage helps protect you if something goes wrong while working with a client.

Examples of How Barber Insurance Can Protect You

Let's look at some examples of how barbers insurance could help protect you in the future:

  • Example one: A client is coming in for a typical cut and shave. After the wash and rinse, you apply beard oil to help the looks of your client's beard. Unfortunately, this oil caused your client to have a reaction on their face.  After seeking medical attention, the client hires a lawyer and holds you responsible for their medical expenses. Barber insurance from EBS could help cover the cost of that lawsuit.
  • Example two: The client is walking back to your chair, when they slip on loose hair on the barbershop's floor and they injure themselves. This client can sue but don't worry with having barber insurance, you are protected.

Elite Beauty Society Member Perks 

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What Services Do We Cover?

EBS offers coverage for more than 500+ beauty and wellness services.

  • Hair Extensions
  • Design, Cut, & Styles
  • Instruction
  • Permanent Hairstyle
  • Wig Stylist
  • Thermal Styling
  • Hair Treatments
  • Hair Coloring
  • Men's Grooming
  • Shampooing/ Conditioning
  • Hair Bleaching
  • Hair Braiding
  • Children Services
  • Blow Outs
  • Facial Waxing

What Our Customers Are Saying

Elite Beauty Society is proud to have 5- star, excellent-rated customer reviews. We are dedicated to bettering our insurance and membership to meet the needs of all barbers.

Check out what some of our customers are saying:

I love Elite Beauty Society! The rates are great, the coverage is thorough, and everything is so user friendly- from the website to the automated emails that remind you exactly when to renew your policy! Whenever I’ve had to contact customer service, they are always extremely timely with their responses and SO friendly, personable, and professional!

EBS Customer

Sign up was easy. Reasonable pricing in my opinion. Recently started taking my own clients and need to have proof of liability. This was the simplest route and I thank Elite Beauty Society for making it an easy process!


EBS Customer

Why You Need Barber Insurance to Protect Your Career

Whether you are renting a salon suite or salon booth/ chair, work in your own shop, or as a freelancer, purchasing a barber insurance policy supports and protects your career wherever you go.

Liability Insurance provides peace of mind and assurance no matter where your career takes you. A little insurance knowledge can empower you to make the right decision for researching and purchasing a professional and general liability insurance policy. Below is a complete breakdown of everything you need to know about a barber insurance policy.

Barber Insurance FAQs

What Kind Of Liability Insurance Do Barbers Need?

Working with people face-to-face, using shears, heat tools, and products, there is too much of a risk for accident to happen not to have professional liability insurance. At the bare minimum, a policy should have generous limits provided for both General Liability claims, as well as, Professional Liability claims. 

General liability is commonly referred to as “slip and fall” insurance. This is because there’s a liability to you as a business owner simply from allowing customers to enter your premises. If a customer trips over a loose tile in your salon and injures themselves, they can hold you liable for the damages. 

Personal liability is often called “malpractice” insurance. This coverage provides provisions for injuries and other loss events that occur in the event of you providing your service. If your hand slips with a curling iron and you accidentally burn your client, they may hold you liable for their injuries.

I’m Renting A Chair At A Salon, Do I Need Barber Liability Insurance?

Absolutely. While barbering and cosmetology may seem fairly tame, no matter where, when, or how many hours you’re working, you’ll be using tools that can, and have, produced injuries to clients. 

While renting a chair at a salon, you’ll be classified as an independent contractor and not generally covered under the salon owner’s professional liability policy.

That’s why it’s important to have your own coverage for any possible claim that can arise in the course of providing your services to clients.

What Are The Coverage Limits Of An EBS Barber Insurance Policy?

With a cosmetology liability insurance policy from EBS, you’ll have

  • $2 Million limit for both Professional Liability and General Liability claims, up to a $3 Million Annual Aggregate. 
  • $2 Million in Personal Injury and Advertising Injury
  • $25,000 in Identity Theft Protection

What's The Difference Between Claims-Made & Occurrence Form Coverage?

Many carriers out there offer claims-made coverage because it’s simply more convenient for them to do so. This means a claim has to be made while a policy is active in order for it to be covered. We don’t believe in not covering something that rightfully should be so we offer occurrence form coverage. This means that even if your policy is long-expired, if a claim is made against you for an event that occurred while your policy was still in effect, you’re absolutely covered. It’s just one small way we make sure we’ve got your back.

Do Students In Barber & Cosmetology School Need Barber Insurance?

Absolutely. Even while still in school, you’ll be practicing your techniques face-to-face with real people.

The smallest mistake or accident can unfortunately lead to a claim being filed against you. For the low cost of just $49 for a full year of coverage, our student policies offer an incredibly cost-effective means to protect you and your future business from claims against you while still in school. Plus, you’ll have all the same access to an incredible array of members-only benefits as our professional members included with the cost of your student policy.

How Much Is An EBS Barber Insurance Policy?

Our rates are some of the best in the industry. We provide different options for cosmetologists to choose from so they can find what works best for them and their business.

  • One-year policy, the current rate is $179 a year, good anywhere you provide your services in U.S. 
  • Two-year cosmetologist insurance policy, the rate is $299, a $59 savings over buying two, one-year policies. 
  • Student rates are $49 for a full year of coverage. 

Based on demand, we’ve also made available a benefits-only plan which provides identity protection, a professional website, and access to loads of discounts and special offers for an incredibly low rate of $39 per year.

How Do I Know if my Service is Covered?

We cover 500+ beauty and wellness modalities ranging from hair, skin treatments, nail decorations, and even massage and yoga. 

We have created a full list of coverage for your convenience and  if you don’t see yours currently listed, you can also call or email a knowledgeable sales representative to see if we can add your chosen modality to our growing list.

Call 866.868.3360 or email

What Are The Benefits Of Being An EBS Member?

When you become a member of Elite Beauty Society, you will receive liability insurance + a full suite of member perks.  Our program has been tailored exclusively to fit the needs and help grow every cosmetologist. 

You will have access to the EBS resource center which holds a wealth of information on topics like "how to set up a successful business", education tools, eBooks, and so much more. As a member, we’ll provide a free customizable website to take your business to the next level.

In addition, EBS has partnered with some of the best names in the industry to offer members exclusives on products and tools at a discount. To name a few, you will get save on PBF memberships, free Booksy trials, access to ACA qualified health insurance, and one month free to online therapy from BetterHelp. We are continuously adding more. 


Get peace of mind & grow your career at one affordable rate.

How Soon After Purchasing A Policy Will I Receive Proof Of Insurance?

You will receive your certificate of insurance immediately after purchasing your cosmetology insurance.  You will also get access to your member portal where you can see your insurance documents at any time.

Get Your Insurance Guide eBook

Ensure a secure future for your business! Download our Liability Insurance Ebook now for expert insights on coverage essentials and risk management. Don't let uncertainties affect your passion – empower yourself today!

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Price$199At a Quote$179$175$96

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