The Aesthetics Of Being an Esthetician: Our Top Tips to Help You Showcase Your Work

In the beauty biz world–especially in the skincare and esthetics game–so much of client acquisition is sharing social proof. 

For an ambitious, top-notch esthetician like you, that means the more you showcase the work, the better you'll fare with snatching new clients. 

In other words, if they can see it, they're sold–and that's the kind of showcase we're talkin' about. 

But how–in a digital marketing world, especially–do you showcase the work you're so proud of? How can you give your clients the social proof, the visuals, and the portfolio they need to not just decide you're the esthetician for them–but the best esthetician around? 

This blog has the answers you're looking for. 

Let's dive into a few digital ways you can create a stunning portfolio of your work to woo clients, show your skills, and amp up your rep as the best esthy. 

How to Showcase Your Work as an Esthetician 

Upgrade Your Website Images ASAP

Before anyone decides you're their go-to esthetician, they're going to flock to your site to see what you're all about. Don't believe us? Believe the stats. About 76% of consumers are going to seek you out online before they physically visit your business. That means they're going to want to know what you're about before they ever step foot in your shop.

The good news? This is a fabulous opportunity to show them what you're made of. Stock your site with killer visuals of the work you do, the process, before and after photos–the whole enchilada. 

Make sure everything you've got on your site is on-brand and optimized so you rank higher, and ensure that all your images and videos give a clear–and aesthetic–picture of what you do best.

Your Social Media Feeds Are Your BFF 

Gone are the days when you could be a badass esthetician and not have a social media presence. The fact of the matter is social media is a must–especially if you want people to have a solid idea of the work you're doing.

No, you don't need to invest in every trend and every platform out there (that would be exhausting), but we do recommend you pick a few and stick to 'em. Upload consistently, share photos and videos of your work, and make sure you have plenty of approachable content that gives potential customers a look into more than just the final product.

In other words, give them insight into more than your portfolio–show them who you are, how you do your thing, and a look into your personality as an esthetician. That's just as important to show off your work–and social media is a great outlet for getting that out there. 

Email Marketing Campaigns 

Before you sigh and think that email marketing is so a thing of the 2010s, we've got news for you–this marketing strategy works like a charm and has some of the highest ROI of any digital marketing strategy out there. 

And you know what people love to see in their inboxes? Value-filled emails they actually want to click.

That's where your portfolio comes in. 

We suggest approaching this more like a "check out these killer results!" style rather than "Look at how talented I am!" You're not sending customers emails to show off–you're sending them emails to give them an inside scoop on the value you can provide them. 

Send them regular newsletters, helpful info, tips for common skin conditions, and even exclusive insight you only share with customers. All the while, include your amazing images of your past work in these campaigns so people can get a full look at the incredible work you're doing.

Before & After Photos are a Must 

Trust us when we say that people never tire of stark before and after photos. 

Put these on your site, on your social, and in your email marketing campaigns (always with customers' permission, of course), and get ready for the inquiries to come flooding in. 

B&A style photos are what aesthetic medicine site calls "visual art."  These kinds of photos are more than just entertaining to see–they give your clients an idea of what they might look like when they work with you, how the process might happen, and what they can expect. 

Video Content is Always King 

Don't sleep on video content! Obviously before and after photos are absolute winners (like we said just a minute ago), but customers (regular and potential) absolutely love watching video content of your work. 

Whether that's the whole process of you microblading a new client's brows, a sped-up look at lash extensions, or a behind-the-scenes video of you mixing together a custom facial, video gets lots of looks–and it shows off how talented you are, too!

People Love a Blog Post 

Want to take a two-birds-one-stone route? Post regularly on your website's blog with case-by-case or service-based studies. 

Take gorgeous images, record videos, and give your readers a full, transparent dissertation of the process. You can offer walk-through tutorials, case studies, step-by-step, or even your two cents on the best skincare regimens for unique cases. 

Whatever you do, include lots of your own images and videos to ensure they're seeking your results, your skills, and your work.

We're guessing here, but you've probably got a case of the I've-gotta-tackle-my-portfolio-ASAP after you've read this blog, right? We sure hope so! This insight should get you going, but remember, this is a creative industry–so let your own creativity breathe. Find new and exciting ways to show off your work and watch new and exciting clients come running through your doors.

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