Tips for Newbies: 

Our Best Advice For New-to-the-Industry Stylists

So, you’re joining the #CosmetologyGang, huh?

First things first, let us be the first to welcome you to the fam—we need more badass, ambitious, and awesome pros like you as part of our industry, so we’re stoked to hear that you’ve committed your talents and energy to bettering our field.

Take a minute to give yourself a pat on the back and really let it sink in that people like you are needed and welcomed in the field. But when that happy-dance-in-the-kitchen moment subsides (and it will, eventually), reel it back in right here and listen up, because we’re dropping some must-know, gotta-have-it, gonna-better-your-career advice for all you newbies out there.

We’re not trying to tell you how to do your job (we’re in the insurance business, so it’s not like we’re going to pick up some scissors and teach you how to be a stylist—you’ve got that covered), but we are definitely into helping you expedite the whole boosting your career process.

That’s why we’ve teamed up and taken notes from some of the most experienced stylists around to provide you with a round-up of top-notch tips to take your career to new heights—faster than you could have imagined.

Snag a Mentor

If you’re a total newbie in the stylist game, diving into the industry whole-heartedly right away can sometimes feel overwhelming. The best way to jump in without totally drowning? Find yourself a reliable, experienced, and admirable mentor.

Tip: Checkout to find a mentor!

There are plenty of professional stylists out there who would be thrilled to teach you what they know—you’ve just got to find them! 

Join stylist groups, chat with stylists at your salon, and of course, don’t be afraid to network! It might take time to find the perfect mentor, but we guarantee you that they’re out there!

Take Risks

You can be the most skilled, knowledgeable, and excited new stylist out there and still be totally terrified of taking the plunge into the industry. How do you overcome this fear? Push yourself to dive right in. Take risks and believe in yourself!

Begin this process by taking small steps. First, tell your circle of friends that you’re the perfect pick for all their stylist needs. Next, throw that information on social media. Start offering referral rewards to your friends’ friends who book with you. Build a website. Create business cards and hand them out to strangers.

These last few might seem like a leap right now, but if you build on these steps gradually, you’ll be putting yourself out there in no time!

Never Quit Learning

Sure, you’re done with school and you have your license—but that doesn’t mean the time for learning is over. Continued education is an absolute must for stylists of every skill level, no matter where they are in their careers.

Seriously—even if you’re decades into your career, you’ve got to keep learning to keep up with what’s hot, new techniques, and the latest trends.

Need a place to start? Here is a list of the top online education platforms for professionals and amazing beauty professional podcasts that you can listen and learn from!

Our industry isn’t static. That means the need to keep up and continue learning will never subside. While this might sound scary, we highly recommend embracing it. How cool is it that you’ll always be in-demand, no matter how the industry changes? The need to keep up with that is the job security so many people crave.

Don’t Undersell Yourself

You’re just starting out, so it’s likely that you won’t be charging those intimidating prices that lots of more-experienced stylists will be. That’s totally normal, right? We all have to start somewhere. That being said, one of the biggest mistakes newbies can make is underselling themselves.

You’re a professional, you’re skilled, and you’re eager to please—your time is still worth something valuable. Don’t start off with insanely low rates that couldn’t possibly support you!

Obviously, you don’t want to gauge your customers, but it’s crucial to find the balance between fair and underselling yourself!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Most importantly, stay humble and realize that you’re new. We’re not saying you’re not talented and we’re not saying you’re not skilled—but we are saying you’ve only been in the industry for a hot minute, and no matter how long you’ve been around, there’s so much learning to be done.

Practice as often and as consistently as you can—even when you’re not working! Learn new things, fail and figure out why, and focus on bettering yourself and your talent every single day.

Love our sage stylist advice? We’re so glad to hear that—that’s kind of what we’re going for. Did you know that we offer this kind of insight all the dang time? Yeah, we definitely do.

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