Adding Seasonal Treatments to Your Menu: 

Is it Right For Your Spa?

As a kickass esthetician or cosmetologist, you know the benefit of mixing up your services.

Think about it—it’s likely you haven’t stuck to all the exact same services since the start of your career. And you know what? That’s a good thing. Switching up what you offer is actually a savvy business move, especially when it comes to the concept of seasonal services.

We know how difficult it can be to totally revamp your menu of services every few months—and that’s where the idea of a seasonal service menu can be incredibly helpful.

When you add seasonal services to your rotating menu, you can offer clients new services, draw in different audiences, and keep your menu fresh without having to totally redo the current men you have.

But are seasonal services really worth it? Only you can be the judge of that—but we’ll definitely help you brainstorm on that. This article is going to dive into a few key considerations we think should take a good, hard look at before you decide on seasonal services one way or the other.

So, keep reading to learn more about the concept of seasonal services, how they can benefit your business, and even read up on a few ideas to get your own creative juices flowing.

What Exactly Does Seasonal Mean, Anyway?

Three words: Pumpkin Spice Latte.

That’s the shining-light of examples when it comes to seasonal offerings, right? We think so, but we’ll break it down a little further.

A seasonal service is something that’s offered for a limited time during a certain time of the year. Let’s go back to that PSL example. Starbucks doesn’t offer PSLs at all times, right? No way—they’re a seasonal special.

People get hyped when PSL season comes along—c’mon, it’s not just us, we know you get stoked, too—because they’ve been looking forward to a very specific product during a very specific time of the year.

Why? Because PSL is the poster-boy of the Fall season—and while people look forward to Fall for a lot of different reasons, don’t think for one second that the comeback of the PSL isn’t part of that.

Why You Should Consider Seasonal Salon Treatments

As if the PSL hype example wasn’t enough to really get you onboard (maybe you’re one of those anti-PSL people—no shame in your game, we get it), we’ll try to broaden our example base to give you a better idea of why seasonal treatments are a great option for salons.

For starters, seasonal treatments can engage clients while enticing them to try new things. If you’re marketing a seasonal service, that means customers only have a limited time to give them a go—and there are few incentives more powerful than limited time.

Further, seasonal treatments can be huge revenue boosters for specific times of the year when they’re focused on remedying issues that are only prevalent during particular seasons.

Think about it—ultra-hydration treatments would likely be a must for the dry, winter season; lifting and toning treatments are more important to clients during warmer months when clothing is a little sparser; and health and wellness treatments do incredibly well when the first of the year rolls around (you know the adage, “new year, new you.”

In short, the right type of seasonal treatments can offer benefits like:

  • Revenue boosts during slow months (summer, winter, etc.)
  • Effective tools that can help you add new services without investing a ton into your marketing budget
  • Incentive for clients to test out new services you’re not sure if you want to add as a permanent service
  • Keep your menu fresh season after season (no stale menus here)
  • Active fuel for your marketing and public relations teams (fresh content for all!)
  • Ensuring your coworkers, colleagues, or employees stay engaged and trained throughout the year

So, we have to ask—are you ready to switch to offering season services after reading our article? We sure as heck hope so. 

Ultimately, what you offer should be based on what’s best for you, your career, and your spa as a whole—but if you do end up adding on these types of seasonal services, don’t forget to tell us all about it (that’s what the comment section is for, people!).

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