Add-On Treatments to Offer at Your Beauty Biz
Easy, Express Ways to Boost Profits & Help Clients 

You’re a pro at getting people in your chair to see what glorious skills you can offer them—but do you know how to keep them there a little longer?

Add-on services aren’t as dreadful as they sound, and contrary to some beliefs, they’re not just a way to con people into your chair longer.

Yes, the longer you keep someone in your chair and the more services you can offer them, the more money you’re bound to make.

And, yes, you’re running a business, so making more money is a good thing (and BTW, that’s OK to want, too).

Still, add-on services aren’t just nonsense things you offer clients to pick their pockets—they’re tangible, helpful, additional services that are designed to help your clients look and feel their best.

And, yeah, they give you the profit advantage you want, too.

Think about it.

Adding on a small service (like a $15 brow shape and wax that takes you 10 minutes) while your client is in your chair for another service can add up.

By itself, $15 isn’t very tempting.

Tack on 150 of those services each month though and you’re making $2,250 more than you were last month—all by adding a quick 10-minute service to another one.

Worth it?

We think so. 

The Best Add-On Treatments to Consider at Your Salon, Shop, or Spa

The cool thing about these types of treatments?

The possibilities are endless.

Whether you’ve got your own list of treatments up your sleeve or you’re on the hunt for some inspo, we think this list will help you refresh and revamp your very own list of add-on treatments.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Luxurious, glamorous, and ever-so-helpful for your dehydrated clients.

If you see a  client who could genuinely use a hair quenching conditioning, offer up your treatment as an express add-on—trust us, they’ll see the difference and the small additional fee will be so worth it (for both of you).

A Quick Tone Correct for Your Clients who Get Color

Your clients who get color might need a little extra TLC—so offer it to them.

Whether they’re in your shop for a cut or a color correction, they could benefit from a little extra toner love. Offer tiered treatment based on their needs and the condition of their hair.

As a side note, you could offer pre-color treatments, too, to ensure their hair is in the right state of health before you give them the color they’re after.

Quick, Custom Treatments to Solve Client Issues

Come up with your own little menu of express treatments to serve your clients. Dehydrated locks? 

You’ve got a hydration treatment just for them.

Itchy, unhealthy scalp?

Your scalp-first treatment sounds like a winner.

Split ends and brittle strands?

Maybe your bond-building shampoo routine could make a world of difference for them.

The more creative you are with these treatments, the more clients you’ll be able to serve.

Try to keep an eye out on the demand for these offerings, though, as you want to make sure you’re balancing the income you get against the expense to stock your shop with the products you need for these custom treatments.

Express Facials & Spa Treatments

This doesn’t have to be an all-out spa moment, but offering your clients an express facial, steam, or spa treatment while they wait for their hair to color, their toner to set, etc. could be a quick way to provide them with a dash more relaxation (and touch more cash for you).

Brow Shapes, Trims, & Treatments

It’s all about the brows, you guys. Adding a quick, affordable, and express option for a little brow love is bound to boost your profits.

Why? Because if someone is already sitting in your chair and they know their brows can be managed in a snap (by a pro, no less), it’s going to be hard to turn down a relatively cheap add-on like this.

Sure, brows could be their own service and appointment on their own, but odds are, you can wrangle some fussy brows in just a few moments for a quick, little fee.

Want to take it a step further?

Offer a little brow color, some waxing, shaping, even laminating. This type of service is pretty low-stress, low-effort for you but is highly appreciated and adored by clients. Why wouldn’t you add this on as a little extra service your client can give into while in your chair?

Give the Scalp Some Love & Luxury  

However you want to play this, just know—scalp treatments are a quick little luxury that can bring the bucks home.

You can truly take this in any direction.

 Think about offering a scalp massage with renewing shampoos, clarifying products, and stimulating conditioners that are warm and deeply massaged into your clients’ scalps.

Total time for this service? Maybe 10-15 minutes, maximum.

But selling these little add-ons at $20-$30 bucks a pop can really add up when it’s so hard to say no to a deep conditioning, luxurious scalp treatment.

Beards Need Attention, Too

Your bearded clients might be in for a quick trim for the top of the head, but don’t ignore their faces.

There’s no time like chair-time to offer your bearded clients an express service to help them clean up their overall look.

This service doesn’t have to be expansive (unless you want to offer it that way, of course)—just a quick trim and shape as an extra little add-on service can help your clients look and feel better and help you pocket just a little more dough for hardly any extra effort.

See some good ideas here on this list?

We’re willing to bet you’ve got plenty more where that came from.

So, why not share them? Drop a reply below in the comment section to let us know what add-on services you have up your sleeve (or which you plan to try out from our list!).

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