An empty salon awaits the customers who will find it after a successful guerilla marketing campaign.

A Guide to Guerilla Marketing in the Salon
Must-Try Tactics to Get Eyes on Your Brand

You’re always lookin’ for the latest marketing strategy, right? You’re not alone.

With the fast-paced world of marketing always evolving, it can be tough to keep up with what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s actually going to get customers into your shop and familiar with your brand.

The good news? There are some tried and true methods that continue to stand the test of time–and one of them is good old-fashioned guerilla marketing.

Even though the ideas within the sphere of guerilla marketing are always evolving, the idea remains the same–get someone’s attention in a fun, exciting, and creative way.

Sound like something you can pull off? We thought you might be into it. If guerilla marketing is a new concept for you but something you already know you can’t wait to dive into, then we’ve got good news–this blog was basically made for you!   

What is Guerilla Marketing?

First things first, let’s hit you with a definition of guerilla marketing, so you know exactly what we’re dealing with here. According to Hubspot, guerilla marketing is defined as “a way to drive publicity and, as a result, brand awareness by promoting using unconventional methods designed to evoke surprise, wonder, or shock."

In other words, guerilla marketing is a fun, sometimes spontaneous, and always creative method for getting eyes on your brand by whatever means you deem necessary.

Guerilla Marketing Tactics to Consider for Your Salon

QR Code Stickers Everywhere

Let’s just face it; the world loves QR codes. And honestly, we can’t blame them. All you have to do is scan a code with your phone’s camera to get all the info you need? Um, yeah–that’s fun and easy, and we’re all immediately in.

Really want to make your marketing dreams come true? Maximize your QR code marketing. We want you to leave QR code stickers everywhere it’s legal to do so. Public benches. In your fave coffee shop. At the local college. Outside of restaurants. Anywhere your audience is, we want you to drop cute and functional QR code stickers so that all someone needs to do is quickly scan to learn all about you!

Partnerships with Other Local Shops for a Package Deal

Tag team with a shop you love, in the beauty space or not, to create can’t-turn-down package deals that are sure to give you (and your partner company) more traction. Have an esthetic spa down the street that you adore?

Team up with the marketing pros over there and create a one-of-a-kind package deal between your brands. Create a special promo for customers who schedule a facial and a haircut (or whatever variety makes sense for you both). Then, advertise the heck out of it in both shops. You’ll get new clients; they’ll get new clients–it’s a match made in heaven.

Clever Murals from In-Demand Artists

Though the price tag on this could range, this is a fun, artistic way to get more eyes on your brand. Work with a local artist who can create a fun mural for you–either on your shop’s outer wall or somewhere within the community.

The mural should be eye-catching and exciting–but it should also direct people straight to you. Make sure your messaging and branding are as clear as the creativity of your artist!

Bonus points for hiring artists whose work is recognizable and appreciated within your community! 

An artist paints a mural for a salon, one of their guerilla marketing tactics.

Free Services to Local Charity Auctions

Nothing says guerilla marketing like choosing a charity you’re passionate about and donating a package of your services! Is this good in a number of ways? Absolutely! You get to help a charity, you get your name out there, and a new audience will get to see what your business’ ethics and values are all about!

Salon Happy Hours

Invite the community in for a happy hour! No, they don’t necessarily need to have service done, but you could offer glasses of wine, snacks, and a percentage off a few of your low-stress services to get people in the door. As a bonus, this is a great way to network and get to know your community (and further, for them to get to know you!).

Free Pop-Up Demos

Take things outside the salon for fun and free demos! Get a model, go to a public park, set up a chair, and get to work! Make sure you have branding and signage up so people know who you are. Answer questions, share your knowledge, and offer free insight!

You might not be able to turn this into a money-making opportunity at the moment (it all depends on your local municipality’s rules on doing business like this in public places), but you can up your brand’s awareness in a fun and cool way.

Social Media Contests

Get those digital marketing skills going! Hosting a social media contest that require tags, have a fun objective, and promise a big payout is a great way to get more eyes on your brand and get your name out there.

The best part about this list? It’s just the beginning! Guerilla marketing is one of the coolest tactics for shining a light on your salon because it’s all about being creative, quick, and getting eyes on your brand! Have some ideas of your own you’d like to share with the beauty community? Good. We want to hear ‘em! Drop your comment in the reply section below!

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